Sue Feher's Reviews

  • Not totally as pictured (04 September 2015)

    These tags are quite nice. However, be aware that only 4 tags have gold foil on them. 2 are as pictured, 2 with gold diagonal gold stripes, 2 are kraft, 2 are white with a green watercolor-like half circle on the bottom, and 3 are solid green. They are also a softer shade of green than shown.

  • Color is deceptive (19 May 2014)

    Irl, the front side with the words is taupe, not gray, like I thought it was going to be. Other papers in this collection do have gray in them though.

  • Adorable Holiday Paper (20 December 2011)

    Santa is eating a plate of sand dollar cookies! Starfish on the top of tree! Too cute! It is the flimsy thin paper tho.

  • Yes/No on this product (18 December 2010)

    Own 5 of these. Yes, I like storing and organizing cs and pp in these. No, they are very heavy and unwieldy. One has cracked on the bottom and is not even full. It was tricky figuring out the bottom tabs. If stored in direct sunlight will fade out edge of paper. I agree that they gather dust with the open top.

  • Vintage Christmas (18 December 2010)

    Love that it's vintage looking. You must purchase at least 2 because you will love both sides! The reverse side has diecut shapes which show a perfect background paper to use after you fussy cut it out.

  • Difficult to glue together (18 November 2010)

    While this looks cool, it was supremely difficult to keep it folded. Needed more than 2 hands! Nothing I tried glue dots, doublesided tape, holds it together! BOING! The centers for the back and front are too small. Especially need a much larger circle to glue it down, if you can! I did use a lightweight paper, maybe it's better with heavier?

  • Not as expected (04 September 2010)

    While I love the font, it is real small. I have no idea how you get chipboard to cut! Just using light-weight cardstock for a practice run, the letters didn't cut through. Had to pick them out and the space is limited between letters. Tim, thought you could do better!

  • Ease of use (11 July 2010)

    This punch is not anything like my MS punches! Even when you line up perfectly, one hole comes out slightly off and larger. The straight side was choppy not even. I have tiny hands and a wee bit of arthritis so it was very hard to relock for me. Thinking of returning it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not adhesive (03 July 2010)

    These are the coolest font and glitter letters. However, that is the only plus side to them. Mine were extremely difficult to remove from the backing. They bent almost to the point of ripping. Once removed they had zero adhesive quality.

  • Prettier IRL (24 June 2010)

    Much prettier color in real life!

  • Pretty Paper! (24 June 2010)

    Gorgeous paper but the circular edges on the diecut are easily bent.

  • Pretty Paper! (24 June 2010)

    Pretty lime pp! Note that there are dark "lines" and gradiation in color for fussy cutters.

  • Gorgeous collection (24 June 2010)

    This paper is so pretty! However, if you want to fussy cut out the flowers and swirls, you lose most of the berry color.

  • Verified Buyer

    Archival Safe??? (30 May 2010)

    The chipboard appeared blemish free when purchased but the edges have started to turn a brownish color! Am wondering if it's archival safe? (Haven't decorated it yet).

  • Not realistic (08 May 2010)

    I tried using this with Glimmer Mist-came out really awful. However, when you flip it, the results were great. I was going for ocean water bubbles and it just didn't happen.

  • Not realistic (19 March 2010)

    This could have been totally awesome but tree leaves in the sea? Strangest "crab" ever seen! The yellow/black fish is very faded. The brown fish near shipwreck has way too many fins and 4 horns on its head? Sorry, but I prefer realism.

  • Not as brightly colored IRL (19 March 2010)

    This would be a great page but colorwise it is muddy looking, not bright as I expected. Was disappointed as I had the perfect photos and the colors are just not summery.

  • Luminous (19 March 2010)

    Very bright and has a luminous quality. Perfect for ocean or aquarium layouts. Don't quite understand the peaches and hot air balloons though...

  • Deceptive description & color (15 December 2009)

    This paper does not show its true colors. It is more of an olive green on the light side. The 'metallic' is a few small, look close or you won't see it spots in each corner. I don't think the back side of dark kelly green & bright olive coordinate with the other side. It is also a heavy shiny, almost light cardboard paper. Very pretty design though!

  • Verified Buyer

    Quality product (12 December 2009)

    Super white, velvety leaves. Thumbs up!

  • Disappointed (12 December 2009)

    Very disappointed in the quality-thin felt, leaves overlapped & stuck together. I returned the product. The idea was great though.

  • Disappointed (12 December 2009)

    This product was such a disappointment. The purple ones were blah colored. I grow lilies & these sure don't look like any I've seen. But they looked so pretty on layouts...

  • Elegant Flowers (12 December 2009)

    Gorgeous color, texture, & neat center! Quality piece.

  • Incredible IRL! (05 December 2009)

    This paper looks like finely tooled leather but is velvety soft. The salesperson @my lss couldn't stop caressing it while checking my order out!

  • Stunning! (05 December 2009)

    Very beautiful paper-I can't make myself cut out the leaves because the coppery brown background is beautiful too! I want to retro wallpaper with it!

  • Limited for fancy cutting (05 December 2009)

    Beautiful paper but you can only fancy cut ONE flower & some leaves. The swirls overlap them both & is distracting.

  • Extremely disappointed! (30 November 2009)

    The shapes are not accurate. Actual leaf part is plastic/resin, thick & dull colored. Am going to return them (didn't purchase them here, but thought you would like to know).

  • Problem if you want to use back side (30 November 2009)

    This paper has gorgeous paisley swirls on the back side. However, the front has flocking which shows thru with bumps. I took my multi-sided nail file & was able to sand it down.

  • Verified Buyer

    Prima Perfection! (31 October 2009)

    I totally LOVE this paper! Gorgeous color combination. Yes, I bought more than one piece (3)! Just go to the gallery & you will see what I mean.

  • Verified Buyer

    Pretty Paper! (31 October 2009)

    This Prima paper is so gorgeous, I bought more than one! I do wish the colors were a bit brighter...The more expensive one with the stitched on ribbon, wished I hadn't ordered it.

  • Great Product! (30 October 2009)

    These Bingo Boards are the best new product to come out! I love each & every piece! I also purchased the gorgeous Beach set at my lss. You will love them!