AllisonLP's Reviews

  • Big (14 July 2017)

    Huge punch and pieces would be great embossed.

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    Nice (14 July 2017)

    Great stencil to jazz up a plain background, but material is a bit flimsy and a piece is on the verge of breaking off and I've only used it twice.

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    Obsessed (04 July 2017)

    This is my favorite pattern from this collection, so i had to get a few extra sheets. LOVE.

  • Great storage (04 July 2017)

    This is what I store all my paper collections in. They work great and I have never had any issue with them.

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    OOPS (31 May 2017)

    Didn't mean to buy 2, but glad i did! I keep one with the collection and one with my other word stickers to use on my other layouts I'm not using the collection kit for.

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    Must Have (31 May 2017)

    This package is jammed packed with awesome diecuts and phrases - a must have!

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    PUFFY! (31 May 2017)

    Love these. Really soft and puffy with great sentiments.

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    Must have (31 May 2017)

    In addition to the 12x12 kit, the 6x6 is a must for layering and matting.

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    Extra is good (31 May 2017)

    Got the collection kit, but I'm addicted to plus signs, so I wanted a third sheet :)

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    Glad I got this! (31 May 2017)

    So glad I got this collection. I was going to order it, but found other things that suited my style more, so I opted not to get this collection. Then I saw other scrapbookers using it, and I fell inlove. Bold, yet subtle, different, but still suites my style. Love it.

  • Free? (20 April 2017)

    I was really surprised by the quality of the paper of this magazine. I love flipping through a magazine instead of scrolling on a website. Happy to have gotten this for free! Thanks,!

  • Brrr! (20 April 2017)

    Needed a winter collection. These die cuts will go great with the collection kit.

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    Game On! (20 April 2017)

    My boyz love video games, so I'm sure these die cuts will go quickly!

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    Boyz (20 April 2017)

    With two boyz, this is a perfect die cut pack to have in my stash!

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    Cute (20 April 2017)

    Super cute icons. Can't wait to get them on a page!

  • Nice (20 April 2017)

    Super pretty colors and icons. Don't even have the papers, as I know these colors and icons will go with lots of what I already have

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    Tag Love (20 April 2017)

    I've wanted these tags FOREVER! Finally got my hands on them and at least one will be on my very next layout!

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    Silver LOVE (03 February 2013)

    Great mist! It drys quickly, but doesn't just soak into the paper, it adds a tiny bit of dimension and is really pretty.

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    Clips (12 May 2011)

    I don't even have the paper collection, but I love the colors in these clips, and know they'll go well with things I already have.

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    Primo (12 May 2011)

    It's Prima. Need I say more??

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    L Frame bling (12 May 2011)

    I used this on a layout for my son, and loved it so much, I got another one. Easy to use, and the adhesive is nice and strong, so I don't think I'll have any issues with it falling off over time.

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    Measured (12 May 2011)

    The stamps are a LOT smaller than I thought they would be. More scaled for cards than 12 x 12 layouts, but I'm going to give them a try and see...

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    In Gear (12 May 2011)

    I love this stamp set, there are more pieces than I thought, and I know this will work well for my masculine layouts.

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    Geared to go (12 May 2011)

    Didn't realize there were only 9 gears - they count the brad in the middle as one of the 18 pieces. These will work for me, just wish there were more of them in the package so I wouldn't have to skimp.

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    Gear This! (12 May 2011)

    This stamp is a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but overall, I think it will work for what I want to do. It's red rubber, so I know I'll get a good image.

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    Lots 'o Images (12 May 2011)

    Just received this set. I love all the great images. Can't wait to play wiht it

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    File it! (08 February 2011)

    Havent' used this yet, but it's BasicGrey, so whats not to love. I don't do a lot of minis, where this would be mos helpful to smooth edges, but iv'e seen it work great on those little hang pieces when you take a sticker or chipboard piece from its backing, so I know I'll be using this soon

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    No stress here (08 February 2011)

    Love Tim's distress inks. Great to edge your papers or to stamp with, and black is great for just about everything. LOVE IT>!

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    Great papers for backgrounds (08 February 2011)

    Loved the manila so much I had to get the white. These papers are great for a subtle background or you can totally add to it with paint or mist sprays to create your own one of a kind background. LOV IT!

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    Glimmer me this (29 July 2010)

    This is a great color if you're looking for an aged, vintage look.

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    Love this for my boyz (21 December 2009)

    My only regret is that I only got 1 pack!