TurtleLove's Reviews

  • This is amazing stuff! (25 October 2009)

    This is the most amazing product! I love that it allows you to alter your current items by adding dimension, shine, etc which makes them a little bit more your own, and jazzes up some items that you had laying around and thought you would never use! The tip is super fine and it allows you to do very detailed work, while still allowing for coverage of bigger areas.
    Oh and it dries super fast so you can use it at crops too!

  • A must have! (12 October 2009)

    I have been using other similar punches and liked them ok enough, but just bought this one to try. OH MY GOODNESS! It is totally fantastic! It punches like others however it has an amazing slim line design that locks the lever down for storage or to slip into your tote to take to a crop which is a HUGE bonus! I will be buying more in this line...

  • These are the best PAGE PLANNERS! (04 October 2009)

    I have searched for the perfect affordable page planners and these are it! As someone who needs about a dozen to prepare for crops, these are the answer....they have a simple design that is very sturdy. I wanted ones that did not have that accordian style bottom bc the papers get beat up in them. These have pockets that allow me to add the 12x12 papers, scraps, embellishments, photos all in a simple single sleeve. At crops everyone is amazed at how this product is altered to a page planner and how much better it works than ones designed as such but are more expensive!

  • A nice addition to your tool chest... (28 September 2009)

    Ok so this is not a tool you will use everyday, however it is a very nice one to have on hand for those special touches! It works exactly like a standard stapler only it attaches a wider brand staple that comes is oodles of designs and colors! Reaches anywhere on the page and is a cute pink too!

  • One of the best gifts I have ever received! (27 September 2009)

    I actually got this as part of a gift from this site for National scrapbooking day and I just looooove them! they had been on my wish list for a while and now I don't know how I did without them! They are very comfortable to hold and have the feel of big scissors but can do very detailed work. highly recommend

  • Verified Buyer

    the one I use most often! (27 September 2009)

    I use this dispenser for pretty much every scrapbooking project that I do with one exception...unlike it's intended use...to simply roll it along and have it dispense at even intervals...I use my dominant hand to simply hold it and with my pointer finger advance the tabs one at a time and then I place them exactly where I need them with my other hand! I find I don't use as many this way and since it is a quality product they hold very nicely.

  • THE best adhesive! (27 September 2009)

    I just love the convenient packaging of these glue dots! Unlike other comparable brands these are very sleek and easily fit in my tote for easy transport to crops! Also, if a neighbor at a crop needs to borrow some, you can easily tear off a section of the sheet to give to her...without having your supply passed around. They hold everything from pp, and cs to ribbon and buttons....and the best part when I have made a mistake and placed something in the wrong spot I can VERY carefully pull it back up.

  • Wouldn't be without it! (02 May 2009)

    I have been using this product for years and I can say I am never without it! It works on the obvious task of safely removing photos from old magnetic style albums but does so much more! Two photos stuck together, stickers placed in the wrong spot, etc. We also use it on all sorts of non scrapbooking jobs around the house...where ever we need a gunky mess wiped off an item that we do not want to damage. The bottle has a built in scrapper that I don't use except to act as a tray to hold a bit of fluid. I then use a q-tip to apply it specifically where I need it. Don't be surprised by the small bottle it really does last a long time and is worth every penny!