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    Non-extraordinary & ubiquitous stamps (10 May 2010)

    The cult of Tim Holtz has confounded me. When I first began using these kinds of products for scrapbooking & cardmaking, I thought his stamps were interesting. After looking at what seems like hundreds of them, I have concluded that many of his stamps are just put with other stamps and put in a different package, given another cutesy name and a huge price tag is stamped on it. This package was $30.

    As one who travels to France every chance I get, I am puzzled as to why this is called "Shabby French." I haven't seen anything in all my travels in France that make these icons of France, except maybe the crown. You can get stamps of French writing in tons of places for way much less money. The flourishes in this package are available in other places, like I said - in other packages of stamps.

    Finally, who wants to make a card or a tag using a stamp that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has purchased? If you tried to make a set of stationary to sell, people would recognize the stamps from elsewhere because they are ubiquitous, Try some of the smaller stamp houses that make their own if you want some really unusual, unique
    rubber stamps that will surprise people. I am returning this group of "over exposed" stamps.

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    Breathtakingly beautiful (10 May 2010)

    I didn't know how beautiful this paper would just takes my breath away. This is the kind of beauty that leads me to just KEEP something and not actually USE it, which is silly. I will actually use this paper - it is too gorgeous to not use!

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    Lovely (10 May 2010)

    These abstract hearts are great for a variety of purposes. I can't attest to their ability to stick yet, since I have not used them/

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    Great paper (10 May 2010)

    This makes a special sheet for an anniversary, birthday, V-Day, Mother's
    Day - it is really all purpose. Lovely paper by Bazzill.