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    lovely depiction of Reindeer (21 December 2010)

    This is a great die,love the flying reindeer!! Works well on cards!

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    Handy Tool (28 October 2009)

    Handy little tool working with little pieces, the only draw back is when working with white objects I have found that the substance used in this tool will some times leave a slight green tint behind. As this pen or tool is filled with a greenish substance that in time will get used up and tool I would assume have to be disposed of as I have not seen a way to refill it or refills available for it, so it is a one time purchase and then one must throw it away and buy another one. But it does appear that it will last for some time.
    I do like it though and will buy another one when mine runs out.

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    Fantastic flowers (20 October 2009)

    I am very Happy with all my Prima Flowers, these colors are fantastic, especially with alot of my older pictures.