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    No spills and gather your scraps. (02 March 2011)

    Okay my final item in my recent shopping spree with Scrapbook.com... who isn't always worried about spilling a drink on beautiful layouts or paper for that matter....Look no more because here is your answer and the best part is that it has a little litter bag....(spell that a few times). What would make this a 5 star itme would be to smooth out the metal it is sharp on the bottom and can snag your clothes...the other think is it would be great to have the bag lined in plastic for longer wear and tear...not to mentioned cleaner...it may not hold a lot of trash but it would be nice for placing scraps that you may want to keep for a later date. Thanks Scrapbook.com for always having wonderful discounts and products to purchased...and for outstanding service.

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    its all about the bling... (02 March 2011)

    what can't you say about Zva products...if you haven't used any of the bling...your pages are really missing out...whether it be on cards or a beautiful layout that you want to see a 3D effect you have to have Zva Bling.....I just can't get enough....

    OH AND DID I MENTIONED THIS WAS FREE.....if you missed out well all I can say is: TO BAD....TOOO SADDDDDD!

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    a tool you can't live without.... (02 March 2011)

    Okay this is got to be one of my favorite items todate...A friend had one and we used it to create 150 tags...how you asked we needed to punch holes and this did it quick and easy. Punching about 5 holes at a time sometimes more. Funny thing is my husband saw us using this tool and said he thought it was pretty interesting and wanted to have one so now we own our own...YIPEEEEEE!!!!!!

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    keep it packed lite.... (02 March 2011)

    This was another item I received today and it looks very nice it will be a great tote for that single project that you may be working on and want to complete. I would have like to have seen it with a cross the shoulder strap to even out the weight of the tote and a simple plastic folder for your project in the larger compartment of the bag. All in all it is a nice tote. Would have given it a 5 if it had those things I mentioned.

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    TOTALLY Tote-Ally Cool..... (02 March 2011)

    Just received my recent orders and I mean my orders...it was like Hannukah in March or really my early B'day present to me....This is a really wonderful product...especially for those who need to have things organized but conveniently stored for easy transport. This item not only allows you to have stuff easily at hand but stacked nicely so that it does not take up a lot of table space. I really wish scrapbook stores would have storage lockers so you could just keep all your basic tools stashed in a locker for your use when you come back to crop. This would keep your locker nice and organized for sure. Luv it luv it love it......

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    scrapcessories.... (03 February 2011)

    okay I never seem to have enough ways to store my stuff and this is one I like a lot but wish it had its own carrying case since I crop a lot away from home...need something like this for all my tattered angels and alcohol inks.

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    Graphics 45 Once Upon A Springtime (03 February 2011)

    When I heard this was out I couldn't wait to get it and so myself and two of my other friends all went after it immediately...myself and one friend ordered from Scrapbook.com as always never disappointed in the service but more importantly this line is beautiful beyond words...if You are a Dreamer like myself then this is a must have...can hardly wait to make cards and a fantasy page for myself. A friend is making a little cottage that he found on internet.

  • Crazy Love (03 February 2011)

    I'm not Michael Buble but I have mad Crazy Love for this collection not only is it beautiful for scrapbook pages but it has beautiful embellishments to go along with it for making beautiful cards.

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    Rockin cool tote (01 June 2009)

    Recently I purchased this tote and have to say I am excited to put it together..it is just what I been looking for and especially thrilled about the swivel plate that came with it. Very clever. I not only purchased this item but I have also received the cropper hopper version and the attachement holder. If I had only one complaint it would be on the hooks as they are a great idea but not as far as the engineering of the product as they fall off very easy needs to have a way to slip into a pocket on the back side to secure them in place and protect you from scratching or stabbing yourself when you reach into the middle compartment. would be nice in more bright colors.......

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    Totally happy (01 June 2009)

    As you may have already guessed I purchased more than one tote and to be honest I have purchased three others from another vendor and I love them all...I wish the color on this one was really different but it will do would be nice if they all could be personalized with our names as everyone is getting them lately and it is so easy to have it get lost. Because I haven't completely filled it up I am not sure about my satisfaction on the compartments...but this goes for all of them. It is so hard to decide how to make the best use of them. I do know that when I go cropping I will bring most of them with me just have to find a cart now to toll them around in. Once again I loved the idea that you included the swivel plate. Very clever. Before I found you online I searched everywhere I was told I could probably find my tote but online was the best source. Thanks for keeping the price point the same as I was told....Wish me luck in getting it organized. Yippee!

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    Stamp book hopper.... (01 June 2009)

    I think this is a good beginning for a way to store and view your unmounted stamp collection. would be nice if you could come up with a case or binder to sell with the initial order of a package...price point was very reasonable. but now I need someplace to store the ink and the block. Why not design a complete stamp storage package. I would be interested.....

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    Hooked me into buying.... (01 June 2009)

    I think these are a great idea but as I mentioned in my review on my tote they do not secure themselves well in the tote they fall off easily and could be more secure if the top part of the hook would slide into a pocket or band to hold them in place and cover them so you do not scratch or stab yourself but more importantly destroy you product that is stashed in the middle compartment of the tote.

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    Almost cool pack (01 June 2009)

    I found this pack to be nice as addition to my tote but not yet fine tune in attaching to the bottom of tote. The bands do not fit well would be better with velcro and be more secure. Or another way would be to have a zipper that would secure itself around the top so it would zip on to the tote. but than it would mean you had to hide the zipper on the tote for those who did not choose to purchase this tray pack. I would if it did.