Cooches's Reviews

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    Beach sand paste (15 April 2010)

    I like that this spreads quite easy, and it doesn't really flake off after it is dry. It looks nice on a lo. You can spread it thin, that way it will last longer. I like that they have a variety of colors to choose from as well.

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    Stickles (10 September 2009)

    The color is great, as usual the stickles do not disappoint. I hope to have ALL the colors someday, they are worth it.

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    Petaloo dazzlers (12 August 2009)

    The dazzlers are a great way to get a lot of sparkle. They are very glittery and easy to use. They come in a nice little metal tin with a see thru top, which is totally reusable. I added them to a recent lo titled "Lake Compounce". I will buy more of these, they go well with the regular petaloo flowers....

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    Foil alphas (20 July 2009)

    T hese alphas add a nice touch to a lo, they are a bit bendable but I found that useful when placing them after adding adhesive. If you place it lightly you can still pick it up and move it. Once set put a little pressure on them and vwaa laa you are good to go.
    I used these on a lo called music man.

    Bonus is these were a FREEBIE from (thanks)

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    versitile pp (20 July 2009)

    These are the coolest, there is a good variety of paper. They are really quite beautiful in their own right. You can use them for the standard musical themes but also a wide variety of others. Very cool for those with a musical family or not! !

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    Cool Musical stickers (20 July 2009)

    These stickers are great when you have a musician in the house; or if you just like music. I used some of these on a recent lo, "music man".

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    Nice paper (19 July 2009)

    I like this paper and used it on a recent lo "music man". It is very sturdy paper and the colors ring true.

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    My first trimmer (12 July 2009)

    I recently bought this trimmer and I like it, I am an amature scrapper even though I have dabbled in it for a couple years. It grips the table really well to keep it stable. I just finished lo number 12 and used this for the first time on a layout. It works great and takes up no space. I have used it on a few other paper crafts and like its ease of use.

  • flower bling (12 July 2009)

    I used a diffent color of these, they were yellow and white. I bought them some time ago so maybe they don't have that color anymore. Anywho I really like them, they are very dainty looking. I added them to a lo I have yet to title or upload. I am pleased with my purchase.

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    Jolee's Botique Lg. Dim. Stickers - Bedtime (12 July 2009)

    I was looking for something special to add some umph to a lo I wanted to make of the kids sleeping and when I saw this with the cute little bed I ordered it from the store. I am quite pleased with the detail and dimension on the stickers. I will be adding a lo called " Once upon a dream" my gallery. I do believe these stickers added just the right touch...
    Bonus is I didn't use them all so have a few left for a future lo.
    Happy with my first purchase from, order was packed very nicely.