**SarahAnne**'s Reviews

  • best pens ever (31 January 2008)

    LOVE LOVE THEM! If you draw with them and then add a heat tool they will ball up and make pretty writing!! I havent tried it yet but I read that somewhere weither it works or not I am not sure!!

  • Get it you will love it! (31 January 2008)

    MY FAVORITE THING EVER!! The possiblitys with this chipboard are endless!!

  • awesome paint (31 January 2008)

    I really use all the paint dabbers on everything pretty much. The only thing I dont like about them is the trouble getting the paint to come out of the top. I usually just take the lid off and use my finger.

  • love these papers! (31 January 2008)

    I use them for alot of things weither its on a layout or for a pattern edge!! They just rock!!!

  • Verified Buyer

    love love love this! (20 July 2007)

    this was the best product i have purchased! it was the first thing i got when i started getting into swaps and 12x12 pages! the blades last forever and they slide so easy and there sooo simple to change out no fuss what so ever! the rulers on the cutter and the one that you can pull out helps so much and lets you get the exact cutting you want! this is a awesome awesome scrapbooking tool and its a must have! it cuts through cardstock so fast and so easy! just one swish of that blade and wala you got the exact measured piece of paper you wanted with out having to bust out that old ruler and find a pencil then try to get the ruler straight and then trace out the line then cut it with regular scissors all ya gotta do is get this trimmer and its all in one!

  • what were they thinkin? (20 July 2007)

    i hate my album! i got it the other day and it was such a pain to get all my pages into it and add more pages to because you have to take the post out and then hold all the pages together and hope that they dont side out while your adding a new layout! its sooo stupid the way they made it were the middle part can side because mine just slides all the way out and makes the album uneven! plus it dosent do very well when you add more pages then what they have in there to start with! i do not recommend this album whatso ever maybe im just using it wrong!

  • Verified Buyer

    sticks like glue!! (16 July 2007)

    this product is amazing!! i would glue everything down with it if icould! i use it for flowers, really hard things to glue like heavy metal tags, fibers, ribbon, anything!!! i use it on projects that require that lil more sticky and heavy duty glue! and this does the job. when it says ultimate thats what it really means there is no limit to what u can use this glue for! its also great for glitter to make that 3-d look. i am so glad yall carry this its a great thing to have for crafting and scrapbooking! its a must have!! hope yall use it as much as i do!

  • dab it up!!! (16 July 2007)

    i love these little guys!! they are my best friend when it comes to stamping!! i just turn the stamp over and put it where i want it and i can do more than one color if i want! then when i go to place the stamp on the paper you dont have the ink allon the square part of the stamp you have it only on the stamped area you want! plus there super easy to clean off of the stamps! i also use them to make poka dots which i LUV!! i also use to outline pics, tags, paper, and anything to make it either a vintage rustic look or a bright zanie look! i love these products and i would love to give them out as gift to everyone haha thats how much i love them!! i hope this helps yall pick them there AWESOME!!!

  • Verified Buyer

    love this pen!! (15 July 2007)

    i love this pen. i have been using them since 2003. i use it for everything from doodling, tracing, and outlining. it is really useful for the ghost look. you can write with it once and it wont be so dark then you trace over it again and its a little brighter! i use it allot of times to make doodles on plain jane paper. it makes the layouts pop and brings attention to areas that might not get that much if it wasnt on there. i always buy these and i run out so fast because most of my layouts have it on there somewhere from dots to lines on colored paper! i also found it kinda 3-D when i retrace over it a couple times! i love using it on flowers. its a great pen and its been around for sometime!

  • wonderful invention (15 July 2007)

    I bought this not to long ago and i fell in love with it! you can use it with the shape cutter stencils and its so easy to do. i use regular stencils as well! you can adjust the height of the blade so it the stencil is thinner you wont you as much blade to cut through the paper. i also use chipboard adn trace around it and i can make tags, circles, and any shape i want! its so much faster then cutting it out with regualr scissors. it wil cut through any paper from cardstock to vellum. i use it alot to make flowers or journal peices on my layouts. i would recommend this handy dandy cutter to anyone who loves to add shape and style to their scrapbooking layouts or to any project that needs something to make it pop out and be a WOW!! factor!