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    Worth it..for the book (19 February 2011)

    I love the random bags of scrap. I have purchase a couple now but this was was by far the best because of the Scraplifted book inside. I tried to find just the book to purchase but couldn't so I decided to get this because of all the other great goodies that come in these bags. I haven't used much of the other stuff in it yet but I have great plans for most of it. But the book is TOTALLY worth it if you have trouble with inspiration like I do.

    Thank you SB.com! You never disappoint.

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    So easy... (19 February 2011)

    I love this tool, but I don't do a lot of distressing. Some people I have talked with that do a lot of distressing say they like scissors better, but I assume it's because this wasn't around when they started distressing the edges.

    For me it's nice to have such a handy tool that I can string up to have on my neck when at scraps. And I love that there are 7 different blades to choose from so you're not using the same blade over and over again and dulling it too much.

    And the soft finger pads (red dots) are great for keeping your hands cramp free when doing a lot of distressing. I keep forgetting I have it and get excited when I remember and have to start distressing just because it's so easy.

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    Don't ever want to lose it! (19 February 2011)

    I think this is a great addition to any scrapper's tool set. It's really nice to be able to throw my little punches or letters into this and get a sticker type adhesion. It's hard to get those little things to stick correctly sometimes with other methods.

    I also love it for adding strips of paper or ribbon to my pages. It gives me more adhesive options than just glue dots and tape runners. SO glad I made the purchase. I stocked up on the refills too just in case....I don't want to be with out this!

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    Best Scissors EVER... (19 February 2011)

    These little scissors are amazing. They are pinpoint precise and seem to never go dull. However, I don't use them on my cardstock for major cutting jobs. I try to reserve them for precise cutting like on velum or if I need to turn a letting sticker into another one. I would absolutely recommend these scissors to anyone that has a need for precise cuts. It's totally worth it to get it right!

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    Amazing Little Tool - Worth the Purchase! (19 February 2011)

    This product is GREAT! It almost always gets all the rub-on. I did have trouble with old rub-ons getting all way on the page, but I assume that is the run-on. It has the roller ball and the flat edge to make sure you get it all.

    Additionally, I have use the roller ball to semi emboss my paper so it stands up a bit. I like to use it on my little leaves for my flowers to give them dimension.

    Worth the purchase!!