Scrapppycat's Reviews

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    Yummy! (25 March 2010)

    This is a sweet collection that still manages to have a freshness that keeps it from being saccharine. You can choose lots of different colors out of these patterned pages to create whatever feeling or mood you'd like. It has plenty of girlish pinks and such, but also includes punchy reds, mango, apple green and crisp blues.

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    Can't live without it (25 March 2010)

    I don't know how I got along without this pen. Smooth, consistent and makes writing on those dark or bright colors really pop!

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    Using it within five minutes! (25 March 2010)

    Easy, effective and worth every penny! I was using it within minutes and couldn't be happier. I wouldn't consider myself a "serious" scrapper like many of you, so bear that it mind. I play at scrapbooking for an hour in the evening a couple nights a week and my designs are simple. An electric cutter was overkill for me, but this fits the bill perfectly. However, I do think it would work beautifully for a more serious scrapper; I felt it would grow with me if I become more advanced or more addicted.