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    Great Trimmer (21 August 2013)

    Love this trimmer! The rotary blade did take some getting used to, but it works really well and lasts a long time.

    It was a lot of money for me to spend on a trimmer, but after using a coupon and sale prices, it ended up being cheaper than the cheap trimmers.

    The only thing I would like to have been added, would be little measurements down the clear holder near the blade so I can see how far I've cut. I just took a sharpie and made my own. Problem solved.

    It's larger than my old trimmer (the Cricut one), but not huge. And I like that it has a swing arm so I can measure 12x12 paper.

    It's definitely worth the full price.

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    Love this Vellum (28 March 2013)

    I love this vellum. It has such a fun sparkle to it. I love to use it as the top layer of flowers. It gives them such a fun and pretty flair--and given the pattern, the flowers sparkle seemed to be random. It was perfect. I used the flowers for wedding invitations and the bride loved the the subtle sparkle.

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    Great Case (17 December 2012)

    I like to take my cameo over to my sister's house to work on projects with her (and show off my beautiful, amazing, jealousy inducing cameo) and this case carries everything, including my laptop! It makes it so easy to pack everything up and tote it over. The case is quite large and has a luggage like handle which is very convenient. I had a hard time figuring out how all the velcro attaches to each other when I first got it. It's also good to know that you have to put the cameo in "backwards" so that the top of the cameo supports the side and bottom of the top portion. There is lots of room for all of my goodies and plenty of extra pockets. I love my tote!

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    Love This Machine! (29 November 2012)

    I love, love, love my cameo! It is soooo much better than the cricut expression I shared with my sister. The cuts are so much more precise and the Print 'n' Cut feature is so fabulous. I've had the machine since April 2012 and I'm still learning new things that it can do! I love the sketch pens too! The program is free and easy to learn (quite similar to Sure Cuts a lot or Make the Cut)--but does require the use of a computer. The great part of this is that there are no crazy expensive cartridges to buy. You can make your images (which I've done using the trace function in the program) or buy individual images/files from the silhouette store. Easy Peasy!

    Granted I was already familiar with die cutting machines and programs, but I was able to cut within an hour of opening the box. Awesome!

    The only sort of negative thing I've found is the mats are more expensive than the cricut ones. But the cricut ones can be cut down to the size of the silhouette ones and they work just fine in the machine. :)

    The blade is also expensive, but I have yet to replace mine-it's lasted 8 months of regular use. Better than the cricut. :)

    I 150% recommend this machine to anyone and everyone. Best tool I own!

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    LOVE IT!!! (06 January 2012)

    I got this for Christmas and I love it!! It looks so organized and pretty. I was worried that it would make my area look more cluttered, but it doesn't! I actually feel inspired by it because its so pretty to look at! :)

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    Great Ideas! (14 July 2011)

    I got this e-book a few months ago and have just finished a scrapbook using the ideas in it. I did a baby book/calendar for my best friend who is due in a couple of months.

    There were links to the various calendars, images and charts that the author created/used and for me, it was worth the few dollars of the book to get those files.

    I love the concept of the book and will definitely be using it again for another baby scrapbook, this time for my sister. Thank you!!

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    Love it! (14 July 2011)

    I wasn't sure about this when I bought it. But I was needing something to distress a project and so I gave it a try. And I love it! I use it all the time now and I've barely used any of the bottle. It will last a long time. I love that it has a really small applicator tip and so it allows for detail work.

    The only thing is that I tried it on a photograph and it did flake off after awhile, but that could have been user error. :)

    I'll definitely be getting more when I evenutally run out.

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    fun kit (01 June 2010)

    I love this kit. I got it for the scrapbook I am making my sister for her wedding and its perfect. Its fun and pretty. I only wish I had bought two kits because all the pages are double sided and I love all the paper and quotes!

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    love it!! (01 June 2010)

    I've really enjoyed this book. I don't buy idea books generally, but I liked the idea of it transposing different pages to fit my style and themes. This book shows how to do that. I love the ideas and the bright color pages. Definitely going to enjoy using this book and would recommend it to my friends.

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    Love it! (02 December 2009)

    I made this kit for my mom for christmas--1 starring each of her kids. They turned out so, so cute. Now I want to keep them. I am totally going to get more for myself. The price is fantastic and I have tons of leftovers!

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    Cute and Easy! (03 September 2009)

    These ornaments turned out so cute! I was kinda sad when I realized they are double sided and some of the cute papers would be hidden. But K & Company thought of that too and so there are two of each kind of ornament! I loved putting them together. They are super easy (even my uncrafty sister could make a cute one too!) and I loved the different ideas throughout the book.