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    The perfect gift! (17 July 2009)

    I love this frame. LOVE it. I painted it using Ranger Ink paint and then added another coat of Ranger Ink Crackle Paint without any problem at all. This frame is easily altered so that it fits your taste and style! I love that the frames are all separate in the back - 6 individual frames instead of one large frame. I could very easily change all of the pictures and create a whole new frame! Absolutely 100% worth every penny. My mom was thrilled with the gift and I will soon start on making my very own!

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    No other ink for me! (06 August 2008)

    I have tried lots of different inks and I always return to the StazOn. I own these inks in every color and am always happy with the color quality that this ink provides. It applies the ink evenly and it doesn't smudge. Love, love, love this!

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    Fun! (24 June 2008)

    I really, really love the dimension that this adds to a project! I was able to cut it and ink it without any problem at all. The bright Doodlebug colors are always fun and the velvet makes for a great added touch to those bright summer layouts!

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    Love These (24 June 2008)

    I think that these are the greatest invention ever. I love having all of the fun edges at my fingertips without having to break out the border punches (not that I even have any of those!). They make the perfect addition to any layout and could not possibly be any better or easier to use. Love them and have them in every single color. :)

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    I love the way that these look (08 May 2008)

    I have these albums in every single color that they come in. I just love them. I think that they look very classy and I think that they add to the decor in my living room, so I have no problem with leaving them out on my coffee table.

    Since they are left out, that means that my kids flip through them, a lot. They have held up extremely well. I have had them for more than 2 years and there isn't the slightest sign of age. Love them.

  • Oh Thickers, how I love you... (27 September 2007)

    Seriously, what in this world did I do before American Crafts came up with Thickers? I use these things all the time! I love the chipboard ones the best because they give you just enough definition on a page without being overly bulky. I love all of the vibrant colors, I love the fun fonts and I love that they stick where I want them to and yet are easily removed from the foreheads (or other body parts) of toddlers. Did I mention that I am fond of this product?

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    So much fun!! (18 July 2007)

    I think that these are such a fun product. I love the versatility of providing all the days of the week and also one that is labeled "today." That way, you are abe to use all of the days on one layout, just one day on a layout, or just do a layout about today. I also love that they are easily inked and can be adhered any way that you please. I really like that they aren't adhesive. One more great thing about them is that there are 10 journaling spots for each design. That gives you unlimited potential for creating and also gives you a back-up in case your two year old spills her apple juice on them... not that I would know. :)

  • Not happy (17 July 2007)

    I used these rub ons on Crate paper and had to rub so hard to get them off that it left an indentation in the paper and still only half of it came off. I had to use scotch tape to remove the whole thing, it was a mess. What did transfer had such an obvious "halo" around it, that I would have removed it anyway even if the whole thing had transferred. I think that the designs are gorgeous, but I need to trust that a rub on will rub on smoothly and without obvious edges for me to add it to a layout.

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    Beautiful! (17 July 2007)

    I love the texture and the beautiful colors of these papers!!

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    Love 'em! (12 July 2007)

    This is what I used when I first started scrapbooking and I have been loyal and never strayed. I have never been disappointed with them, they have amazing sticking power!! The only caution I would add is to watch them carefully if you have children. I once spent 2 hours unsticking a roll of zots from my dining room table after my kids discovered them. In the time it took me to brush my teeth, they had used half the roll!! LOL!

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    Love it (12 July 2007)

    I use this pen all the time. I love that it has two sides, a fine point and a more "markerish" point. (I know that isn't a word, sorry!) I have at least 10 of these all over my house. I do not only use it for my scrapbooking, I have them in my purse, in the junk drawer, on my desk and in the car. Brad is constantly stealing them to take to work because he likes how they write. The only thing that you have to be mindful of when scrapping with them is to give them a moment to set or you run the risk of smudging the ink.