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    The best! (29 October 2008)

    Everyone NEEDS white cardstock! Even if you don't scrap on white backgrounds, you can still use it for punches, embellishments, printing out journaling and titles. The list goes on!

    What I love about this orange peel texture is how much easier it is to write on than the canvas texture. It took me a bit to get used to the look because I was SO used to the canvas, but now I love this more! Just perfect!

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    Even better in real life!! (29 October 2008)

    When this first came out, I didn't plan to get it. But then I saw all the amazing projects that stemmed from this. I finally broke down and bought it, and wow! SO much better in real life. All this rich color and the fabulous designs that makes Basic Grey a scrapper favorite. Not to mention, it coordinates with Sultry BEAUTIFULLY! This will probably become an all-time favorite!

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    Great texture! (03 May 2008)

    Love this texture! So easy to write on with a pen when other textures can be difficult. This is my favorite piece of cardstock right now... for texture, color, weight, everything. Just love this!

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    The perfect Christmas paper! (03 May 2008)

    I bought THREE of these packs. Why? Because it's classic and timeless! You can use it with photos from the 70s or photos of today and *still* make it look good. That's the sign of fabulous paper. Not to mention... super high-quality paper (BG is famous for), beautiful designs, luscious colors and double-sided to boot! Love me some Fruitcake. :)

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    Fabulous! (11 September 2007)

    Ever been scrapbook shopping at an expo, convention, LSS or any place for that matter, and you just DON'T want your paper, by the sheet, to get bent or creased or *touched* for that matter. Well, that's why I bought this! I bring this with me any time I go shopping now, and after it's bought, it goes straight in here! Keeps it safe and sound until it can be put away. I love this folder... can't wait to get it in Nutmeg too. :D

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    Must have! (06 September 2007)

    How did I scrap without this? I can line things up, keep things in place, use my craft knife... the possibilities are endless! Now I can't scrap without it. I just need to find a scrap bag that will HOLD it so I can bring it to crops.

    This is so fabulous. Definitely a great buy, and I would recommend it to anyone!