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  • They are really cute (21 February 2013)

    You sent me two batches, just got my second batch today. I did not order, BUT they are so cute I will use them a lot. I will color them, emboss them. So if I need another color I am covered. GREAT GREAT job.

    Thanks so much

  • Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 (29 April 2011)

    The colors in this book are amazing. I have made several cards using the paper. And I received a lot of thank you's.

    I would love it if you made one in pastel's

    Joan, Ca

  • Verified Buyer

    lOVE IT (20 September 2009)

    This ink applicator is great putting different colors together and get PLENTY AND PLENTY cotton to stick to applicator.

    But one tiny problem sometimes the cotton falls of the applicator and then you have a small mess. So I keep buying new applicators so my cotton will stick. They do work for a long time.

    But, I love this product!!!. Been using this product when I started watching Dee Guenig on Carol Duvall. LOVE CAROL DUVALL

  • Verified Buyer


    I have tried 3 times to use my mini misters I brought 12 of them. All three have clogged immediately. I have shaken the mini minsters over and over again and still nothing sprays out. I e-mailed Tim Holtz and bless his soul he e-mailed right away and HE DID NOT have the answer either. SO, IF THERE IS ANYONE OUT THERE PLEASE TELL ME HW TO GET MY MINI MISTERS TO SPRAY AGAIN. I have wasted 3 colors so far and I can't continue if 3 get plugged up I have a feeling the others will also. SOMEONE HELP ME. PLEASE!!!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great organizer block (20 September 2009)

    This ia a great product to hold all MY MINI MISTERS THAT I ORDERED WITH IT but so far three of my mini misters have plugged up and I cannot use them. All 3 mini misters have the colors that I learned on Tim Holtz site. I am afraid to continue due to wasting the colors.

    The organizer block is fantastic instead of the mini misters rolling all around your craft table you have them in one spot. BUT PLEASE FIX IN MINI MINSTERS SO I CAN USE EVERYTHING.