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    A MUST HAVE!!!! (26 July 2009)

    Ok girls, I bouth this thingking that it's just another fun tool to collect, but WRONG-OHHH I was!! The punches are the right size for small pics, I have used the large punch twice and it has punched through pic's with ease! If you use some of your pics that you took from afar, their just the right size. I've even tried using mini monograms and they work great also.

    Now I did see the other brand of brad maker and seen how it was made, and what it made, and I don't think the look will be as nice as these. The cost is better too!! I will upload when I'm finished with my project!! I promise you will love this as much as I do!!!

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    The Layered Flower Look (15 October 2008)

    I love how these flowers came packaged, they were all flat and in great shape. It took me awhile to play with these but when I did it was endless. i ended up layering 4 different layers of flowers to make just one, I stamped on the bottom flower to add some texture and then as the layers grew I added rinestones and used some stickles on the end. When I can I will post a pic of the flowers.

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    Cogsmo collection rocks!! (03 May 2008)

    I bought a few of these PP's and loved the look of the gear one!! It has a bright look without being the normal brights, blue,red,orange and yellow. I took the gear PP and cut some of the gears out and used them on a lego Lo that I will post later. It's kind of a vintage summercolor look, a little chalky, but for summer it's a great choice for new color!!

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    It Rocks (16 March 2008)

    I've had this adhesive gun for quite awhile and just love it!! I use the larger adhesive and what I like about this gun is that it doesn't gum up at all!! I don't have to use alot of adhesive because it sticks so well, but make sure that you place your things exactly where you want them or their stuck pretty well. One hint that I can give is that when you stick something down their is no need to put adhesive all over it, use it in the middle and in oppsite corners and then if you make a mistake the other corners that don't have adhesive, you can twist and turn your object and it will come up most times without ripping. Enjoy, for the money it's expensive at first, but once you see how much adhesive you get and how far it goes you will be happy that you got one!!

  • Love the Big Bite!! (16 January 2008)

    I just got my Big Bite and Love how it works after it took me 15 min. to get it out of the package!! It does work like the old Crop-A-Dile except that you don't have to hold onto it any more, it just sits right on your table to punch and pinch the night away!!The only down fall like Dawn said is that the numbers on the cubes are really hard to read so get those Granny glasses out or do as I'm going to and mark with a white marker the numbers and letters until you get the hang of it. Just remember to put your work upside down so you end up with your gomite or what ever you are fastening to the right side ( my first mistake). Have fun, and no matter what the amount (with in reason) it costs in the stores, it's well worth not having to hold onto. The fact that you can use 12x12 paper and punch anywhere on it has my vote even if the package was a pain!!