Craftmanic's Reviews

  • Best glue pen around! (05 May 2016)

    These glue pens are so easy to use, with no drips, skips or fuss.

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    NOTHING sticks to it! (22 October 2012)

    I have used strip adhesive, liquid glue, inks and all kinds of products used in card making, and nothing sticks. Wipes right off, you roll it up whe you're done using it, and store it back in the packaging and put away on the shelf. Great product I highly endorse.

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    Great distresser and lots of fun to use! (22 October 2012)

    Have used the ceramic bit on the edge of some butterflies I made to bring up the white core and it's beautiful. Have also used the metal distresser bit on sheets of paper to distress the edges and it works great.

    Good product and great company to work with. The first D-Stress tool I received had issues. I contacted by email, I received an answer and a new tool arrived - all within 3 days! I'd call that excellent Customer Service. Very happy customer here.

    Mary H

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    Excellent tool! (20 February 2012)

    What a novel idea for placing brads. Make your hole with the punch, place the brad in the hole, separate the brad ends with the other end, then just rock the tool and bing your brad is in place.

    The punch on one side is so much more user friendly for my Granddaughter than a long punch, and no more brad end pushing up under our fingernails trying to separate them, or bent paper when my Granddaughter tried to place them.

    Definitely a very usable and well made product.


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    Nice sizes (20 February 2012)

    A very nice selection of sizes of hearts for use on more than just Valentines.

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    Good selection (20 February 2012)

    A nice selection of different sizes of foam squares for making those embellishments pop off the page!

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    Excellent for vellum (20 February 2012)

    Very small, transparent squares, excellent for use with vellum.

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    Best set of fairies and butterflies (20 February 2012)

    Very nice impressions, clear and crisp, and emboss well.

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    Nice set of fairy stamps (20 February 2012)

    Very real, nice impressions, clear and clean.

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    Ideas I never thought of!! (20 February 2012)

    I have been scapping for 9 years now, off and on with my decorative painting (which I use for scrapping too), and my new love of learning to quilt. However, I have only been to one Scrap, so have learned by my own uses of paper, and very few embellishments but for eyelets and brads. I just started using buttons, but this showed me a new awareness of their use.

    Wow was I ever surprised at would could be used to make the pages pop. This book really taught me alot I hadn't realized about using strips of paper. embellishments, small scraps of paper, etc.

    I always mat my photos, and now realize that cutting out the background completely, can in some cases allow you to place rows of similar photos and therefore having it almost like a video!

    All in all, I am very pleased with the book. Learning how to "lift" from someone else's page and make it your own, as well as new techniques.

    I received it free with my other purchases, which makes it even more special!