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    Cute as a button! (30 August 2010)

    I have only used these to make baby shower and congratulations cards so far, can't wait to finish some scrapbook pages so I can use them also. The colors are great, and I love the tiny size.

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    Great Flower! (30 August 2010)

    I have used this for both plain and multicolored paper. It works very nicely. The size is medium, and being able to use both the flower and cutting out a square around the punched out flower, is an added bonus.

    It is a little hard to remove from the punch, the swirl is delicate, so you need to remove it from the side away from the break in teh petals, but it is worth it.

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    Great Border (30 August 2010)

    I have not used a border punch before that helps you line up your next punch to finish the entire length of the paper you are using. Very easy, punches clean and perfect. I used it many times already with the EK swirly flower on cards and scrap book pages, love it!

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    Great value (08 June 2010)

    These are about $3.99 int he stores, and some with the same amount of ft of glue can go for $8.99! I am glad to have refills also, it makes me feel better I am not putting so much in landfill and using so much plastic.

    The strip is a nice width and functions perfectly.


    Wendy F. Amaya

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    Great Fasteners (08 June 2010)

    I make cards all the time, and to be able to embelish with just a little slit, giving my cards such dimension, is great. They have a touch of sparkle and the colors are fun.

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    Very strongly glued (08 June 2010)

    They have a great sticky background, but do tend to come apart, so you have to be careful or you wings and body and head detach.