SckrapK's Reviews

  • SOOO versatile! (03 June 2010)

    This machine was my first foray into the world of Xyron. I purchased it to laminate homeschooling materials, which it does very nicely but it is a "soft" laminate, not a "hard" laminate. In other words, the item laminated remains flexible. This is fine for my purposes, but others may prefer a rigid laminate.

    The adhesive (comes in permanent and removable) cartridges are wonderful for making homemade stickers, and for making mini books. I also like to use my stamps to make journaling blocks etc and then run them through the machine to have ready to use elements for scrapbooking.

    The machine is so easy to use my 3 year old can do it. The different cartridges are easy to swap out as well. I store my machine in a plastic box, but the carry bag would be nice. The machine is very light, but it takes up a little over a foot of space. I haven't used the magnet cartridge but am looking forward to doing so. The only negative I see is the price of the cartridge, but cartridges can be purchased on sale.

    I think this machine is very versatile and would be an excellent addition to your scrap toolbox. Highly recommended.

  • Disappointed (09 August 2007)

    I owned the previous version of this cutter and was hoping for better performance.

    It is easy to use but if you are looking for perfectly straight cuts, this is not the trimmer for you. The problem appears to be that the guide tends to bow after use. I thought this was corrected on this model due to the comments on the packaging. Unfortunately that doesn't appear to be the case. I thought at first that I was just being anal but my husband (also anal) used this trimmer and has the same complaint.

    I wanted to like this trimmer, I like the design and it is easy to use, if only it would cut straight!