Amara Camille's Reviews

  • Nice basic paper (25 June 2017)

    I was worried that the paper might be thin, but it is medium weight . The colors are slightly lighter than they appear here, but the colors are pleasing, and I will enjoy using it.

  • No details to color (24 May 2017)

    I was so very disappointed in this coloring book. The drawings in this book are no more detailed than young child's coloring book. The pictures on the front are much better than what is inside. I know I will never use this book.

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    Good quality (21 February 2016)

    Rich colors and good quality paper.

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    Thin! (19 February 2016)

    Paper is beautiful, but thin! I expected better from Reminisce.

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    Thin! (19 February 2016)

    Paper is pretty, but thin! Expected better from Reminisce.

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    Thin! (19 February 2016)

    Paper is pretty, but thin.

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    Thin! (19 February 2016)

    Paper is thin. I expected better quality from Reminisce.

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    Thin! (19 February 2016)

    This paper is very thin. I expected better quality from Reminisce. The design is nice, so i still recommend it, but it needs addition support.

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    Dark (28 November 2015)

    This is darker, and a bit more red in person, but good quality.

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    Vintage (28 November 2015)

    This paper has a more vintage look in person. I still like it, but I'll probably use it for a different project than I planned.

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    Beautiful (28 November 2015)

    Love the intense colors of this paper. The quality of the paper itself is also excellent.

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    Tiny, but good quality (28 November 2015)

    These brads are very tiny, but they are perfect for my project. I am using them for book in memory of a dear friend, so I didn't want anything that stood out a lot. I am using the "you" and "me" brads to label us in group photos.

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    Great quality (28 November 2015)

    This paper is more impressive in person. The color is rich, and the quality of the paper is excellent.

  • Very poorly made (03 June 2014)

    The seam on the globe is thick, and obliterates Europe and Africa. Two of the four globes could barely turn because the curve of the globe didn't match the curve of the holder. Amazingly poor quality! It is hard to believe how expensive they are, for such poor workmanship.

  • Even better than I expected (08 September 2013)

    Nice thick paper in vibrant colors. Note that on the purple paper with cats, and the orange paper with ravens, the eyes are foil sequins, which adds an interesting touch.

  • Poor Quality (06 May 2013)

    I was so disappointed by how thin this paper is! I expected better from Reminisce.

  • rich color! (03 April 2013)

    I was very impressed with the pink and the green papers from this collection, but this one was my favorite because of the rich colors.

  • nice quality. (03 April 2013)

    This paper is very pretty. Note that the main color is actually a peachy pink, and the large light colored spots are the pearl accents.

  • BEAUTIFUL! (03 April 2013)

    These flowers are even more impressive in person.

  • Nice quality. (20 March 2013)

    I ordered six colors in this, and I am so pleased!

  • Not what I expected for the money. (20 March 2013)

    There weren't many pictures of babies! Most of these die cuts are of hearts, baby carriages, journal tags, etc. I was hoping that there would be double of the cute babies, but there was only one of each. I should have ordered two sheets of paper with the babies, and cut them out.

  • very pretty! (02 March 2013)

    The color is perfect for spring, summer, or fall layouts. I will probably use them for Halloween.

  • Perfect! (02 March 2013)

    These flowers are well made. The color is bluish GREEN, as shown in the photo. They are not blue, as the description implies. I was hoping they would be more on the green side, like the photos, and I am glad to say they are!

  • love these flowers! (02 March 2013)

    These flowers are well made. The color was lighter than shown in the photo, but still pretty. I planned to use it with a layout using magenta, but these flowers are too light. I know I will still enjoy using them, but for a different layout.

  • Extremely small! (13 January 2013)

    I knew these were small, but I didn't realize how small. I almost didn't find them packed between they other items.

  • color not as pictured (29 August 2012)

    Pretty, but they are more of a dark teal blue, than a royal blue.

  • Pretty paper (02 August 2012)

    This paper was even prettier than I expected. I am looking forward to using this, and other papers, from the Paris Girl Collection. Now, if I could only afford a trip to Paris!

  • Good quality (02 August 2012)

    I am very pleased with this and other paper I ordered from the Paris Girl Collection.

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    pretty, but delicate (02 August 2012)

    They were wrapped in bubble wrap, and placed in a large enough box, but mine still arrived with the chair legs broken.

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    not what I expected (02 August 2012)

    The photos make the doors appear to have 3-D accents. They are actually poor quality prints of doors, attached to a wood backing. I am glad I didn't order more.

  • color not as pictured (08 July 2012)

    I was impressed by the quality of this flower. The color, however, is actually a deep turquoise. I was planning to use it on a page with a cobalt blue theme, but sadly, it will not work.

  • Great for embellishments (05 June 2012)

    The drawings of the kids are so cute, and so bright . I plan to cut out select images and use them on the starry sky paper.

  • Excellent quality (05 June 2012)

    This paper has nice colors, and lots of detail. I am looking forward to using it with photos of my grandmother from around 1920.

  • Bright colors (04 June 2012)

    I love the intense colors of this paper! It is as bright as it looks here.

  • Cute, but pearls missing! (03 June 2012)

    I ordered two of these. One did not have pearls on the shoes, the other did not have pearls on the gloves. One was missing on of the chipboard string of pearls. The pearls on the bird house were not straight, and one was missing the pearl on top.
    The stickers are really cute, but I am very disappointed at the poor quality.
    On the bright side, at least I can add my own pearls.

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    soft vintage colors (26 April 2012)

    I bought these to accent wedding photos from the 1920s. The colors are nicely muted, and work well with sepia, and colorized sepia photos. Note that the single flower cameo is too sharp, and too delicate for a page in a book, but would be fine for a page in a shadowbox.

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    Love the soft color (26 April 2012)

    These look great with black and white photos. Remember, they are small, but they are exactly the size I was looking for to accent my smaller vintage black and white photos.

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    Beautiful coral orange (26 April 2012)

    I love orange, and expected these to be bright orange, but they are actually coral orange. Actually these are a prettier and more versatile color than I expected.

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    delicate and elegant (26 April 2012)

    I bought these for use with vintage family photos, and they will be perfect! I love the delicate color, which doesn't overpower the sepia and black & white photos. Please note that these are small flowers. I find that they look perfect with small old photos.
    I also bought the soft blue-grey roses. They are excellent with black and white photos.

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    Love the peach side! (12 April 2012)

    Don't overlook the backside of this paper. The soft peach color with ivory and brown accents looks great with sepia tone photos.

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    color not as pictured (08 April 2012)

    I ordered this specifically because I was going to use the cobalt blue flowers for scrapping my niece's wedding. Well, instead of cobalt, the flowers are turquoise! The other colors are as shown.

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    Color not what I expected (13 September 2011)

    The quality of this paper is good. However, I expected the paper to be mainly yellow, especially since it is listed under "yellow". Instead, it is mainly a light green. I was trying to match it to a particular photo, so the color difference was a disappointment.
    I will just have to use it for a different layout.

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    Beautiful! (28 August 2011)

    I really love the rich colors!

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    Great quality! (11 August 2011)

    I liked these so much, I am buying more for my fall layouts.

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    Beautiful paper, but not as shown (25 May 2011)

    This paper is even more impressive in person. The centers of the flowers are a soft pink foil. The coordinating strip shown here has a background of tan vertical lines, but the product I received has a background that is tan with white flowers. Also, the back of the paper is not solid pink. Instead, it has a background of vertical pin and tan lines, with upper and lower floral borders that are pink flowers on tan. I must say that I still really love this paper!

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    so cute! (17 March 2011)

    God quality paper with such cute glittery monkeys.

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    expected better quality (17 March 2011)

    The edges of the flowers are too frayed for my taste. Also, the flower petals on the medium size flowers were folded such that the petals didn't lie flat. I am so disappointed, because the color is perfect for my project, and I love the centers of the flowers. I still haven't decided if I want to keep them or not.

  • Excellent quality (15 September 2010)

    I love the entire Wander collection. The paper is nice and thick. I like that the paper can be used for trips to places other than Europe. I plan to use it for a trip to Taiwan.

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    Beautiful paper! (20 August 2010)

    This paper is much brighter than it appears. It has lots of glitter, and is very festive and cheerful!

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    Quality varies (07 June 2010)

    The lilac album was made well, and packaged well. Specifically, I think the cardboard triangle on the top and bottom of the book kept the inside if the front cover from becoming scratched by the binder rings.
    The pink album was not packed the same way, and the inside cover was scraped where the rings touched it. Most discouraging, was that the rings were not attached at the top at all! The rings just fell out in my hand.
    Scrapbook. com customer service was great! They sent a replacement quickly. The rings were attached on this one, but the front cover is still damaged by the rings. I have decided to live with it. After all the excellent reviews of this product, I was disappointed. I suspect the reson for this discrepancy is that there are more than one manufacturer of this product.