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    It's ok... (27 January 2010)

    So I think I'm a Ranger product snob... I bought this to have a smaller embossing ink pad (I have big and bossy from Ranger). I'm just not that happy with it, it doesn't cover near as good as my Ranger.

    It's not horrible, it does work. I'll use mine when I'm just messing around, but I'll stick with my Ranger pad for projects.

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    STICKLES.... One of each please! (27 January 2010)

    I can't get enough colors!!! This color is awesome, it's different. Want something that will compliment a crazy orange without making it more crazy? This is it. great on neutrals too. I would say that this color is a must have to any stickles addict.

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    Stickles for Boys... You bet! (27 January 2010)

    Gun Metal is perfect for boy papes! I bought it with my husband in mind I knew if I put the glittery stickles on pages with his "stuff" I'd never hear the end of it, Well Gun Metal solves that problem it's an awesome rugged dark gray.

    I'll use it for more than my "boy" pages. But it's perfect for those!

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    Stickles Rock! (27 January 2010)

    Talk about fun! I love that I can now add black sparkle to my pages. The title of this color is perfect, it sparkles like a Black diamon alright!
    You can't go wrong with stickles!

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    Rich Color! (27 January 2010)

    Stickles... Need I say more?
    The Magenta is a rich deep sparkely pink.
    If your looking for a "hot" pink this is NOT it.

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    Ranger is always a great choice (27 January 2010)

    I just can't go wrong with Ranger products, I bought a different brand powder and it just doesn't compare to Ranger. The Black is nice and shiny, very smooth and raised just enough. I think classy is the best work to describe the finished look.

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    Blew me away! (27 January 2010)

    I guess I really didn't know what to expect exactly... I thought it woud emboss like other colors, the silver is different. It's more like a foil stamp but nicer... I hope that makes sense. I tested it out and was so impressed and thought it was so cool I had to keep playing with it. I will be buying this again (probably soon!)

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    Worth every penny!! (27 January 2010)

    I had been using a little foam blender I picked up, I decided to break down and get the Ranger... WOW!! I'm glad I didn't wait any longer, these are so worth it. They just blend so much smoother than anything else. You can reuse the pads so I have one for each color ink I use. I will for sure buy more of these.