Alabamachick's Reviews

  • Unperfect Stamping (21 August 2017)

    I am not impressed with the set at all. It does not stamp well the first time or other tries either. If you push to hard it makes it worse. I should have known better then to buy this type of set, bought one years ago and it did the same thing. Thought maybe better quality now but was wrong.

  • Glittery (21 August 2017)

    So easy to use and sparkles like crazy

  • Gorgeous (21 August 2017)

    Wow, so glittery it is great

  • Great glue (21 August 2017)

    Works just like it says, perfect for so many different needs of glue

  • Perfect fit (21 August 2017)

    Great set to use for females

  • Cute Stamp set (21 August 2017)

    This is a great set for females of all ages.

  • Perfect Sentiment Embossing Powder (23 June 2017)

    If you emboss a lot of sentiments this is the one to use.

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    Perfect (23 June 2017)

    Perfect set for making those special cards for anyone to enjoy. Especially if they are into interactive cards.

  • Great Set (23 June 2017)

    This stamp set is perfect for so many different reasons. A great addition if you have interactive cards

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    Great Die (23 June 2017)

    Have made several cards with these dies, awesome for a hidden pictures

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    Great Ink (23 June 2017)

    Love it, really smooth going on

  • Great Accent (23 June 2017)

    Love this stuff, very pretty on any card or scrapbook page. Only thing I do not like about it is that it does not dry fast enough for me, so I have messed it up because I am impatient!

  • Best Liquid Glue Out There (23 June 2017)

    I love this glue, it really is easy to use. You do not have trouble controlling the amount you squeeze out, so it can be small dots or lines. I have the liquid Tom bow, Multi matte medium and glossy accents. But they all seem to want to stop coming out of the tips before you use 1/2 of it, this so far has not. I have ordered more for back up.

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    Perfect Stamp (22 May 2017)

    Love these they are awesome to make cards with

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    Wonderful stamps (22 May 2017)

    These stamps are so easy to use and make awesome water color cards

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    Boxawesome! (05 November 2016)

    Adore the box this makes, can not wait to give these as gifts

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    Great for frames (05 November 2016)

    I love these, they make adorable frames for my cards.

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    Awesome (29 October 2016)

    Great stamp and die set, glad I don't have to cut these tiny shapes out

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    Cutie pie is right (29 October 2016)

    Adorable stamp set and die

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    Great Popups (29 October 2016)

    Love this, and you have lots of options for the size and length of what ever you are popping up

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    Shiny (29 October 2016)

    Very pretty and love the shine

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    Gorgeous Red (29 October 2016)

    Very pretty and love how easy it is to use

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    Awesome Drops (29 October 2016)

    Very pretty great shine

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    Awesome Glue (29 October 2016)

    love it very easy to use

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    Great (29 October 2016)

    Love it but it the glitter is a bit harder to see then the moonshine is BUT very pretty

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    Sparkle is Gorgeous (29 October 2016)

    So pretty, shines like crazy

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    Gorgeous Shine (29 October 2016)

    LOVE this paste, I will be stocking up on this for sure

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    Great Masculine Stamp (29 October 2016)

    I had to practice a bit but after the 3rd attempt I was able to get this stamp set lined up and was making awesome masculine cards with them

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    Awesome glue stick (29 October 2016)

    Love how easy it is to use these

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    Awesome Die (22 October 2016)

    So glad I bought this die to match my stamp set, it would have been very hard to cut out the smaller pieces

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    Thankful (22 October 2016)

    Awesome stamp set for many different occassions

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    Wonderful Die (22 October 2016)

    Love this die now I can make awesome scene's with so many of my different Companies stamps and dies

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    Awesome (22 October 2016)

    Adore these slider dies, they are different than the ones I had already so I can do so much more now with these, great choice if getting for the 1st time

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    Great Paper (22 October 2016)

    Love these and the weight is lighter than the card stock so great for layering. I can use these year round for my masculine cards too!!

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    Great Die (22 October 2016)

    I like how easy these are to use and I can make the banner shorter if needed so easily with these dies. I only had the arched ones prior do not know why I waited so long to get the straight ones

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    Great Color (22 October 2016)

    Love this color and it has a good pad to it as well. This is my first ever ink pad from Lawn Fawn but will be getting more now that I know I like the feel and easy of stamping with the pad

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    Great Pack (22 October 2016)

    Very pretty paper and colors, not as heavy as their plain colored cardstock so good for layering

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    Awesome Paper (22 October 2016)

    I love this paper. It has a great weight to it only wish that you received more than 10 sheets of it. The color is so pretty.

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    Great Refill (22 October 2016)

    This has taken my pad from having to stamp it twice for good coverage to only once

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    Fun die (16 August 2016)

    this makes the stamped image pop on your page

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    Great mini cutter (16 August 2016)

    This is awesome when you need to cut smaller things and do not feel like getting the big pads out

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    Beautiful foil (18 February 2016)

    An awesome color to have

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    Great heart (18 February 2016)

    This is so pretty done in foil, you can cut out the word if you want so many different options

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    Adorable (18 February 2016)

    Love this die, you can do so much with it

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    Awesome Foil (12 December 2015)

    I have several colors of her foil and I love them, I purchased her mini minc on sale of course and love how this machine and all of her foils and her kits. I love how they look and when you give a card with this on it the receivers can not believe that it was hand made

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    Great Die's (17 May 2015)

    you can make a lot of cards with these, will be trying as a shaker card next

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    Great Color (17 May 2015)

    Wish I had purchased this color a long time ago

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    Wonderful Flower (17 May 2015)

    Love this stamp, makes great water color card

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    Great Inks (13 February 2015)

    I have so many of these ink pads in the regular size and numerous of the little ones as well. They are great for any use

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    Wonderful Glitter Pen (13 February 2015)

    Love this pen only problem I had was the first time I used it I squeezed to hard and a lot came out, so be careful the liquid flows fast

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    Gorgeous Die (13 October 2014)

    I love this die, it makes the prettiest cards. I have seen so many different cards made with this die I just had to get it for my stash. You can not go wrong with this die, get it asap!!

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    Lovely Lady (05 April 2014)

    She is wonderful. I have stamped her on a piece of paper and then photocopied her at a smaller size so that I can use her on smaller projects. It has worked great.

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    Great wings (05 April 2014)

    love it, I can use them on my doll stamps but they can be used for so much more. So glad I bought these

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    Great butterflies (05 April 2014)

    These are great only thing is they are a little larger than I expected. Which is not bad but sometimes you will want one a little smaller

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    Good background stamp (04 February 2013)

    I love this stamp, I have seen so many pretty cards and scrapbook pages using this, it is so pretty.

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    Great for Males (20 December 2012)

    I love this one and the other one with footsteps, they make great birthday or any kind of card for males. I have one that I saw on spellbinders website that I have made several times now and everyone loves it

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    Great paper storage (26 October 2012)

    love love love this item, and it fits great on the clearance white wire rack i bought with it. i want more just can not buy them yet

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    Great item (24 October 2012)

    I just received this last week along with another set of plastic paper containers to add to the other 10 I already had. I love this product and if it is still in stock the next time i have some extra money i will be getting this again!!!! for my future holder of more paper to come!!!

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    great stamps (20 October 2012)

    i love him he is so cute, i am making my thanksgiving cards with him. They are very cute!!!

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    Neat product (09 September 2012)

    first time I ever used this, it is a good product. Looks stunning on my halloween cards

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    Great paper for halloween cards (09 September 2012)

    love this size of paper it always makes great cards, you have not wasted paper.

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    so easy to use (12 August 2012)

    these are easy to use, they look like embossing but they are easy then doing embossing to me.

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    Excellent for birthdays (24 May 2012)

    These are great for birthdays, but they can work for other things as well. LOVE them!

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    Great for little titles (24 May 2012)

    Love this die, have made several cards with these. I love them! I will need more shapes very soon

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    Good die (24 May 2012)

    I have already made a card with this and it was cute. Very easy to use

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    Great pop up (24 May 2012)

    I have already made a card with this. It was great the only problem I had was trying to decide what I wanted to pop up.
    The instructions tell you where to put the adhesive so that was easy as well.

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    Great Card (14 May 2012)

    I love this card, I have made several of them and sent them to my friends and sisters. Everyone of them loved the design.

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    Big shot love it (09 May 2012)

    I have been using this since I received it, and love love love it!!! I know I will use this maching alot to make all my cards and of course my scrapbooking pages will receive many little gifts from this machine.

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    not happy with color (13 May 2011)

    I like the item except when ordering the color on screen and the color description really does not match the color I received. I thought I was ordering a baby pinkish color instead I really was ordering a mauve looking color. It did not match anything else I ordered so could not use in the baby book I was making as a gift.

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    Wish you were here stamp (20 March 2011)

    I have already made serveral cards with this set, I love it. It is so cute. The person receiving it adored the card.

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    Makes beautiful flower centers (23 June 2010)

    I used everyone of these and wished I had more. They look so elegant on the pages.

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    Great piece (23 June 2010)

    I wish I have ordered more of this one, it looks great on the page. And it was so easy to peel off the backing and put on the paper, it was not like some of the others I have bought.
    Very easy to work with.

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    Love the colors!! (23 June 2010)

    I ordered these to do a scrapbook for my niece's wedding showers. The deep purple in this package is beautiful, I wish I could just order that color I would get alot.

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    Love these (09 June 2010)

    I have ordered several card kits from BasicGrey, I have loved everyone of them. They are easy to put together, they do all the work for you. The cost is less than buying greeting cards even at WalMart.

  • I just LOVE these! (02 June 2010)

    I have several of these in all different colors. I LOVE all of them, they are so neat sprayed on paper backgrounds, paper flowers, etc. I could go on and on about these. I use them at least once or twice a week. You will love these, get the metallics, they are awesome.

  • Good Deals (02 June 2010)

    These are a great deal, you can make several cards for a great price.

  • Great for Cards (02 June 2010)

    I have used several of these to make quick cards for just about any thing. Everyone has loved them, my sister has tried to steal them out of my room.

  • Great for Cricut Storage (02 June 2010)

    I have 3 of these and want more. They are great to store my Cricut Cartridges and all the other stuff that goes with them.