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  • Can't get them to stay on paper (19 April 2017)

    I've been having a really tough time getting the castle to stay on the top edge of any papers. It is hard to remove it from the package without bending the opening out of shape, and once stretched out even a fraction of a millimeter, it becomes too stretched to stay on paper. Will probably only be able to use these in shakers, which will still be cute, but a little irritated with how frail it really is.

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    Doily's (27 April 2012)

    These are cute and can thread ribbon through the ones with holes for a really nice touch, but the adhesive is very weak. I have had a hard time getting any one of them I use to stick to the paper. The edges curl up and it is a little frustrating

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    Not so pretty (31 August 2011)

    The picture of these make them look gorgeous. The actual item is really ugly, just looks like a bunch of tulle pieces.

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    Didn't like (31 August 2011)

    The picture is pretty, the actual flowers were on the ugly and cheap looking side to me

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    Perfect mist (12 July 2011)

    I have tried several different mists from Scrapbook.com and I love this one the best. The color is truly brilliant and the spray is so fine. I'm going to get a few more colors because I love the way this works

  • Purple roses (01 May 2010)

    These roses are really beautiful. The leaves are pretty and realistic and the flower is very thick with delicate petals. It really makes a page