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    dauber storage box (27 April 2013)

    just received it and already inserted the daubers -- very cool! spent too long keeping used daubers in little bags all over the place as it never made sense to toss them -- this looks very organized! and the nice thing -- the height in each square is just a little higher than the daubers, so they should smudge or press on the cover. now off to fill it up!

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    a lot to haul! (22 September 2010)

    I waited to review this until after I used it for a crop weekend. I flew to a crop weekend and used this. Previously I'd loaded up my car with every cardmaking tool I owned -- the only challenge now was determining what I HAD to take vs what I WANTED to take! All told, i fit everything in here but found myself removing items ... to keep it under the 50 pound airline bag limit! You can get a lot in here -- and you'd be surprised how heavy a lot of paper and punches can be! But in the end, it traveled extremely well (44 pounds going to the crop, 48 pounds coming back!). seems the baggage handlers managed to keep it upright too! My only wish is that the zippers could accomodate TSA-approved locks -- there's one little lock but could be cut by TSA. so i swallowed hard, put a travel strap around it, and hoped the unlocked compartments on all 4 sides (including the top) didnt unzip! (they didn't) But definitely a good investment, especially for those of us that travel or carry our stuff around!