Brohemx's Reviews

  • waste of money (04 November 2010)

    I wanted to make my own rub ons for greetings cards.

    This product is unusable with a printer. I tried
    several times and could never get the transfer
    paper to feed and print with my printer. The
    transfer film kept getting jammed in the printer.
    The transfer film is not like regular paper and
    easily slips and jams.

    Anyway, I never got to the directions part, but the
    directions look fairly complicated to use this product.

    A complete waste of money. I wasted mine, so
    hopefully you can save yours.

  • great product (25 October 2010)

    I really like this size for making scrapbooks. The page is not overwhelming and fits 4X6 photos very well with some room for embellishment and journaling.

    These book boards are thick and edges are slightly smooth, making it much better than regular chipboard.

    wish I could buy these in bulk!