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    Great Gift Album (23 May 2011)

    I use these to give as gifts with pictures from an event. They are perfect to tuck into baskets, bags, stockings. I also keep a few where I have "patterns" for assembling these albums. I have three variations so I can give one person different albums over time. My favorites are the holiday ones, but birthday and graduation parties show well, too.

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    Use in the Binder or Alone (23 May 2011)

    I always buy one refill pack and split it between two binders. However, after I read a review, I realized they would make perfect little mini albums all on their own. I recently made two, one with rings and one where I added a binding using my cinch tool. I like the spiral binding better. Since the page is already covered with paper, the original holes don't show. And six pages is perfect. At the price these sell for, they are inexpensive mini album!

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    Perfect brag album... (23 May 2011)

    I make these in series: one set for holidays (Christmas, Valentines etc.), one for seasons, one for pets...

    These come with pages but I always split a refill set between two and max them out. What I love is I can use the chunky embellishments and make pockets with tags...things you can't do with standard albums. The cover is tied to the topic and so it sets the theme before it is even opened. I do spray the fabric with scotch guard before I assemble the album, and I always construct the pages away from the album and only load them when everything is finished. They are the right size to hold and the photo takes center stage. They are the perfect size to share and not overwhelm the viewer.

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    Handy Brag Book Size (27 March 2011)

    I use the "write on" 5x7 We R Memory Keepers binders to make small "brag books". My most recent one had pawprint paper for the cover and inside I used browns and tans to show off puppy pictures as a gift to a new dog owner. These are a handy size to hold and enjoy. The only drawback is when the pages are longer than they are tall they swing up and down on the rings... I use two packs per album- that makes the perfect size and cuts down on the page movement.
    Binder albums all share the advantage of being able to quickly rearrange pages and to customize the number of pages.

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    Sew simple to use (29 January 2011)

    Sewing flourishes and flowers is much easier than sewing words. They are further apart and the paper does not get as weak and tear between segments. These are fabulous as subtle embellishments in my lickety-split album. Be careful about tying your knots- in fact, don't. Tape the ends down so you don't have bumps under your paper.

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    The effect is worth the effort... (29 January 2011)

    If you use lickety-split albums, you are looking for simple embellishments and titles. Using stitchery adds a degree of "pow" to plain cardstock backgrounds. I love the look...but it requires patience. Sewing on paper is much more difficult than on fabric and it can tear just as you finish your word.
    In the future I may try to put tape on the back of my word and sew through it to prevent tearing.