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    Sponge Dauber and storage case (17 March 2016)

    Very compact and neat

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    fantastic product (28 May 2014)

    This tool is the greatest thing invented to go with the thin dies. It really does take the work out of getting the little pieces loose and helps in releasing indicate die cuts.

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    Scrapbook cup holder and bag (03 May 2010)

    I love this tool. I order 8 of them. I am preparing to start a community workshop group and gathering this up to have available for use. I first saw something like the one I bought at a Creative Memories Scrap Book day. Creative memories I was told use to sell these. They do not any more. I have never seen these before and they are wonderful. I am not sure why local stores do not carry them. I think they are as essential as some of the tools we use for keeping organized and having a place for your drink when working. I opened one of them and clamped it to my kitchen table to see how it works. It is very sturdy. I hghly recommend it to anyone. I had a really hard time finding one. I also noticed that they are on back order now. I am really glad I got my 8 when I did.