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    GREAT HELP (08 August 2010)

    Not every page has to be a work of art! These pages help get the pictures scrapbooked without the need to go to lots of "artsy" trouble. You can choose to decorate one or more of these blocks but for the most part, just slip the pictures into the slots and move on. Make a fuss over a page or two if you have a lot of pictures covering one subject like a birthday party or a wedding but these certainly help you reach your goal of getting the pictures out of the shoe box and onto a page that can be enjoyed and shared for years to come. There are also pages for horizontal pictures as well. Give those a try and keep both on hand.

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    TOO LONG COMING!!! (29 May 2010)

    This is a great product!! Cuts scrapbooking time way down. You can still put in some of the die cuts that you have collected along the way and still have a great page and save much, much time while doing it. My pictures have piled up on me so much these past few years becasue I felt I needed to wait until I could do a really "fancy" page for all of them. Not so! These are great! They fit a regular 12/x12 scrapbook which is what I had been looking for forever. Thank you for these!!!