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    Powerfull little sprayers (08 July 2010)

    I had seen these mini misters used on a video at the Ranger site and wanted to try them. I was surprised at how powerful the spray is. I loved mixing Perfect Pearls with water in the sprayers and creating a shimmering surface to my project. I bought the small pack to try them out, but now I will need to get the large set so I can have lots of colors at hand.

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    Best craft glue in the world (08 July 2010)

    This is the best craft glue! It stays slightly flexible so it can be used to reattach broken plastic pieces on toys as well as attach paper or embellishments for scrap-booking and making greeting cards. My 5 year old grand daughter thinks I can fix anything due to "The Ultimate" Crafter's Pick. A tiny bird broke off a Tinkerbelle house we got at Disney World and I was able to reattach it, a toddler was visiting her house and got in to her dress-up clothes and pulled a section of sequins and beads off a head band and I was able to glue them back on, and a hand-me-down princess dress was coming apart and I was able to glue it all back together even where the fabric had frayed. I like it better than super glue because it does not get brittle so it resists breaking.