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    ArchivalLife (21 September 2010)

    NOT what I was hoping for at ALL! It would be great starting now for yourself, parents and grandparents(if your lucky enough to have them with you or able to remember that far back) Usually I've found people interested in their Geneology are themselves in midlife. I was more interested in journeling generations. Not starting now. Way to specific questions listed that would be IMPOSSIABLE to fill in for the serious family tree digger! Will be returning especially after cost paid for! Although very nicley put together not what I had in mind.

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    Flourish Mask by Tim Holtz (07 September 2010)

    Tim Holtz...Need I say more??

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    Ranger Black/white Enamel Accents (07 September 2010)

    Love this product! Especially with red accents!!!

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    2 GREAT sides (07 September 2010)

    Hard to choose on which side to use..Buy 2- no problems!

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    Peace (07 September 2010)

    Had to put the skids on 15 year old on "using Moms supply" of papers when it came to this! "Hands Off ", this is MOMS!

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    Beautiful (07 September 2010)

    Love the variety of colors Tattered Angels offer in glimmer mist. It's hard to choose a favorite!

  • Tim Holtz Distress Stickles-Rock Candy (02 September 2010)

    WONDERFUL product!! The name should say it all!

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    ANOTHER FIVE STAR! (26 August 2010)

    LOVE these Tim Holtz dies! Keep them coming Tim!

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    Caged Bird (26 August 2010)

    Love these dies! Collecting ALL of them. These aren't your average dies girls! They have way "COOL" written ALL over them.

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    Tattered Flowers (26 August 2010)

    Love everything that has Tim Holtz associated with it..BUT really is a VERY cool die! Card making, scrapbooking or even to just decorate my daughter's locker(your welcome Meg!)

  • Can't wait for more (30 July 2010)

    Love the alcohol inks. So many things yoiu can do with them. A little goes ALONG ways. Would love to see even MORE new colors hopefully in the near future!

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    LOVE THE COLOR! (30 July 2010)

    Beautiful color