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    well worth the $ (30 July 2013)

    This is a extra strudy base with a brake. I have stacked up to 30 trays and it handle's it just fine . it rolls smoothy, it was worth the investment.

  • excellent new tool (09 February 2012)

    I have the sew ribbon in the scallop, I purchased it at another retailer I paid a 1.50 less and of course there was no shipping. that being said I did have a couple issues with the first couple I tried out. The first one the magnets kept falling out, so they replaced it. then slits were too small in the plastic for the tool to go through and cut the paper so again they replaced it. third try same thing. On my fourth and final try before a refund it worked! I love it. maybe I just got part of a bad batch It sew fun too use. Worth trying to get a good one

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    pennants galore! (04 December 2011)

    This is sew much fun, i dont ever want the pennants to ever go out of style. Sew easy is great for those who do not own or want to drag out the sewing machine, the flosses they have make the pennants just sparkle, I love it sew will you!

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    e xcellent die (29 November 2011)

    this is a fantastic die, I did have to watch the youtube video a few times to understand how to use it. I have made so many cool cards with this. I would reccomend geting the scallops die she uses in the demo it does fit nicely together hmmmm now was that intentional? lol

  • Adorable yes easy to get into no (29 November 2011)

    It's adorable no doubt about and screams Tim Holz vintage theme yes. I bought mine from another maijor retailer with a 30% off coupoun. It still seems a bit pricey to me but I collect train cases in my scrapboook room so I just had to have this. but will I ever use it? I doubt it , the three yes three latches on this small trinket case was overkill . one woiuld have do the job just fine, it's too much trouble to open and if you leave them unlatched it just looks messy one on top and one on each end of the case was well just over the top!

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    nice quality (09 September 2011)

    nice little set of stickers, glad I found some

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    Just Blah (27 April 2011)

    I know this may sound odd, but this card kit had a strange feel to it,the paper felt kinda of girty Some of the accent chipboard pieces were to heavy for the paper. I ended up using the the chipboard accents on a scrapbook page. The cards were just blah.