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  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for storing the Sew Easy (09 June 2011)

    I absolutely love this! Before I had the storage case, my sew easy attachments would float around my drawer, separate from the handle and the embroidery floss. No more! Everything fits perfectly in here!!

  • Even better than the X!! (12 May 2011)

    I love, love, love my Xyron X, and I didn't think it could get any better. Then I got a 250!

    Unlike the X (which I still use for smaller stickers and ribbons), you don't need to rub around your sticker and then peel the clear layer off. That is all done for you.

    I could not scrapbook (and craft in general) without this!

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    Love these stamps! (10 May 2011)

    These stamps are great. Whether they are loaded with lots or just a little ink, the image always turns out great! I love the vintage look.

  • Essential for Cricut (06 March 2011)

    I always try to keep a few on hand!

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    A go to tool! (06 March 2011)

    I use this in 90% of my projects, whether for inking or helping adhesive to stick. I don't know what I would do without it!

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    Great earthtones (10 February 2011)

    There are also some cute printed flowers. Very versatile!

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    Best paper organizers! (06 February 2011)

    This system is great. I can finally find what paper I am looking for!

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    Great tool! (26 January 2011)

    I love this thing! It's also great how the tool has a spot to hold your needle when you aren't using it. Definitely buy the mat with it! It's a must!

  • Great, versatile paper (14 January 2011)

    Great for kids or anything playful. I used this for a Disney trip LO. Too cute!

  • Cute vacation paper (10 January 2011)

    This paper covers a wide array of vacations. It's super cute in my latest travel LO!

  • Cute cruise paper! (08 January 2011)

    I love this paper for cruises. It's so versatile that it was hard to decide which of my photos to use it with!

  • Verified Buyer

    Good scrubber (06 January 2011)

    I like this, except that it leaves fibers sometimes on my stamps. Maybe that will go away as it becomes less new??

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    Great cleaner (06 January 2011)

    Gets my stamps nice and clean!

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    Not a good value for the cost (06 January 2011)

    This binder is flimsy; I would prefer something more sturdy. The pocket inside the cover could be tighter; when I store my blocks in it and lay the binder flat, they always slide out. I do like that it zips, but I wish I would have seen it in person before buying.

  • Such a time saver (01 January 2011)

    I used to use glue sticks until I found this! Saves so much time, and the adhesive stays better than glue sticks, anyway.

  • A must have for your Cricut! (31 December 2010)

    This is an essential item if you cut with a Cricut. It makes getting the paper off of the mats super easy. It helps to not curl or tear intricate cuts.

  • Great bling (31 December 2010)

    Loved these in my Disney LO's. Each Mickey head is actually 3 rhinestones stuck together. So cute!

  • Perfect for Disney LO (31 December 2010)

    Great 3-D sticker. Note that Tinkerbell is a separate sticker, so you can put her where you want to!

  • So pretty (31 December 2010)

    These were fundamental for my Christmas LO's! It's hard to tell in the picture, but there are also dark red embossed ornament shapes in the tin.

  • Great punch (31 December 2010)

    Such a cute, but universal, punch. It does take some pressure to punch it, but the result is great! It's also super easy to line up for the next punch in the row.

  • Such a useful punch (29 December 2010)

    This punch is great if you want to have photo corners that hold your picture (rather than just sit on top) in a unique color or pattern. I probably use this on a third of all my pages.

    The only thing to know is that it can be hard to tell where on the paper you'll punch; it takes some practice. Also, when punching card stock, you need to use some force to make sure that the photo corner gets embossed on the fold line.

  • Great for travel pages (26 December 2010)

    This punch is great for travel pages. I also love the slim design - it makes storage much easier.

  • Great brads for camping and travel (26 December 2010)

    These are great for camping pages, but also work for general vacation. Super cute!

  • I love my Expression! (25 December 2010)

    I got this as an early Christmas present, and I couldn't be happier with it! After sitting here for a few minutes, I was hard-pressed to come up with anything bad about this machine!! No cons.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great journaling stamps (19 December 2010)

    Love these. They give me the flexibility to have a journaling box in whatever color or background I want!

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    Perfect for organizing clear stamps (19 December 2010)

    I did quite a bit of research before investing in a clear stamp organizer system, and I'm so happy with my decision!!

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    My new favorite Christmas paper (19 December 2010)

    These papers are super cute and a have a really great weight to them. Some of the papers are glittered, some are embossed, and some are plain (but in a great way).

    I also loved the included die cuts. There are several cute tags, borders, and other pieces. They all coordinate so well.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cute Christmas ribbon! (19 December 2010)

    This ribbon is so cute and coordinated perfectly with the I Believe paper. Especially loved the white ribbon with "Merry Christmas" on it!!