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    Enjoyed using this Calendar (17 June 2013)

    I have ben making my own calendars of a while now .
    I do agree it is heavy and gets heaver after adding every thing. I found using a small Picture hook helps ,
    The cardstock used is thicker ,
    I made a friend one using another brand and it did not hold up well at all
    I will be ordering more

  • Still Praying Display Dynamics will make a Lipless set in this size (13 June 2013)

    I am still Praying Display Dynamics will bring out a Lipless version of the 8.5 x 11 My lipless 12x12 set is awesome
    and the more my MD affects my hands the more I like the Lipless version of these Trays

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    Reminds me of the spirograph art set (13 June 2013)

    Used to have the spirograph art set Loved using it
    This will be great whan I get it

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    Love this Paper : ) (13 June 2013)

    The Sign on this Paper Has endless uses for Journaling I just made a page using this ,was able to get ALL info I need to write about the MDA Walk I went on , from team Captian's Name to the last team member and more and had room to spare when I was done
    PS Sad to find out this paper is nolonger around was one of my faves

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    Halloween and Cats my 2 favorite things (15 June 2012)

    just got this stamp set I Love it
    the cat is be a great addition to my Cat stamp collection
    I have some of the House Mouse Stamps and this Cat IS just the right size to go with my House Mouse Mice , I take the cat paw prints and mice foot prints and make the background then add the Different sized Cats and House Mouse charaters
    to the background then place my photos of our Furry Family Members where I want them.

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    Holidays Can Get to Family Members, So can the Spiked Eggnog (15 June 2012)

    This Is great if you have photo memories of say
    Uncle ? on Dad's side of the family and Uncle ? On Mom's side
    and Both have had a bit to much Eggnog and the FUN?? every one has when they Have at it.
    Just got my order the color is Great ,
    Nice for Any holiday photos of the family

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    Awesome Colors (15 June 2012)

    Love the darker colors in this pack
    wish you still had it in the 8.5 x 11 size
    got my order lat Thursday
    Photo of these papers make them Look just a wee bit brighter than thay are BUT "I Love them" just the same can not wait to start using them

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    the yellow is not as bright as it looks in the photo : ) (15 June 2012)

    The yellow color of this Paper looks a bit brighter in the photo
    I was so Happy it was not as bright as it looks in this photo of the paper it color is toned done JUST a Wee BIT
    Sorry ladys as you can tell yellow is not my favorite But This paper I can Handle

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    Love the Color (15 June 2012)

    The color of this album is Just the greatest the photo of it here can not even come close to showing how Vibrant the album color is Love the sleeves. Look foward to using this for a long time : )

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    Great for the hunting Photo's (15 June 2012)

    I have a Photo of my Father Taken as he Jumped out of the Truck after they had seen a 5 point Buck. This is Just what I need for that photo Thanks,
    Love this just got it in the Mail I is Just want I needed
    This paper is for All Hunters Out there

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    I miss understood on the size of this just a bit (15 June 2012)

    It says 8.5 x11 Calendar
    It ia a nice one and I recommed it very much just be ware that the holes for the wire take away just a bit like maybe 1/4th inch so if you deside to creat the top part on your computer remember to move things in just a bit so you have room to trim the 8.5x11 cardstock . I do Like this and will be doing Christmas gifts with them I am disabled so need to start a LOT earlyer than you all do

  • I have a Lot of Ideas for the papers in this Collection (05 June 2012)

    I just orderd a few of the Awkward Family Photos Papers
    and will Injoy Using these Papers I am starting out with the
    Holiday paper for photos from Last Christmas of Folks I know
    Then will use this paper for some funny photos Like my uncle who ended up in the Bushes because of having a bit to much beer

  • Like the choice in the Alphabets (05 May 2012)

    Scrabble way one game Played alot when I was growing up
    I am always on the lookout for alphabet stickers don like the tiles from the game. Just added this to my wish List

  • Will be getting this punch But (07 March 2012)

    I will be getting this Punck But I have seen Better Celtic Borders . this is the First style companys use when they start putting out things in the Celtic Knot work patterns. Hope to see them get better with time this Looks Like a Punch I could use With my MD big enough for my hands to work with

  • Love the Fabric Papers (15 February 2012)

    I love Fabric Papers, I got some with out the adhesive back from the craft site I had gone to for a few years (sadly they had to close) Now is here for me, I Can not wait to give the Die Cuts with a View Fabric Paper a try
    I am Very disapointed in these papers, I got a stack at Joanns to try them the fabric is fraying around the edge. thise are no were near as nice as the first type of fabrick papers I tried

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    Thank You for having this (09 September 2011)

    I is so Nice that you have BossKut Items, I have had my Gazelle cutter sence April and Need a new mat already , great price Thank you,
    I misunderstood the Info for this
    what I sawunder description of the item was that you get a set of two Nope just one found a better Price at the Boss Kut website

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    Love the Idea (05 September 2011)

    Can not wait to get this Just ordered it on the First, to be able to have my special Papers in a place where the corners are not bent or small rips in the papers will be nice

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    Love the colors in this set (05 September 2011)

    will be great for fall Photo's, and die cuts for All Hallows Eve pages and Cards Hope I get the one I ordered website says 1 left

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    Love the fact it is a 12x12 size (04 September 2011)

    Love the fact it is a 12x12 size that wil make using it a lot easyer

  • this cutter is a Blessing for those who have hand issues (19 August 2011)

    The gazelle is a Great cutter for any one with hand issues like Arthritic fingers (I have MD) it affects my hands, Blade changing is not hard at all, right now I still can do it my self : ) then only 7 buttons to work and If You Love working With SVG ! Like the ones makes this cutter will fit the bill.

  • Any and All Fonts by Lettering Delights or ScrapNfonts are Great (17 August 2011)

    I have been a fan of Lettering Delights and ScrapNfonts sence 2007 I Love a lot of their Fonts and have a large collection. I know you will enjoy useing these

  • Love this for holding things in place (07 August 2011)

    Love this it holds my brass Stenciles in place untill I am done no slipping or sliding , then the dots can be removed from both the dtencil and the paper withy no troubles at all just added it to my wish list ro replace the one I had living in a bottom floor unit it may look like a reg ular floor but is but it is placed on a cement slab ouch when any thing drops off my craft table

  • Nice Price for this Vellum (07 August 2011)

    just addded this to my wish list nice price for the amount you get Do wish would carry WorldWin cardstock this breand has been recomended to me a number of times being great for using with My Gazelle Cutter.

  • Thanks for the heads up (01 June 2011)

    Hope some one reads these reviews and lets companys know what we are looking for the min I saw this set I could picture it on a lot of my pages but need a bigger size Love them though.

  • I agree your Dear Hubby/Handyman will notice (01 June 2011)

    Love the look of this set am adding to my wish list but like the other lady said the size of each stamp will be noticed

  • With my MD I can still work with these stamp blocks (01 June 2011)

    I have all of these this set the extra large and the long block for jornaling Love the way the edges are done I can hold on to them with out any sharp edge they do not weight ton like others I tried and the markings are great if you are making a bunch of things so easy to go back and place the stamp in the same spot you had it for the first card /page you did

  • A Sweety (29 May 2011)

    I got this stamp at Addicted To Rubber Stanps (sadly they are closing May 31) I will be using it on my pages of my fur Kid when they were Babies this kitty reminds me so much of my oldest Cat the markings are so Close.
    You will enjoy this stamp and any other stamps by Inkadinkado , I have quite a few the quality of thes stamps is Great : )

  • Like this font (29 October 2010)

    Like this font, I have a Lot More that I got From the Lettering Delights web site , ( ) they have Graphics sets, digital Paper Packs and more are there, They even have their own face book page, and every Friday they have a Freebie for Lettering Delights customers : )

  • I used the stickers on my (06 September 2010)

    I used these stickers on my In memory of Scrapbook page of my favorite RN ( My Mother) Placed the Pill bottle and the RN and the Nurse's are Angel's around my Mother's RN certificate

  • This is the first page protector in this line I tried it was a 12x12 (06 September 2010)

    Tried the 12x12 size, , the flap did not work as well the flaps on the swing shutters protector do, but the Idea is great , and it could be that I got mine whe the Flip page first came out and the company was still working the snags out of this Great Idea.
    Like the fact they now have the 8.5x11 sizes, will be getting some, and more of the 12x12 swing shutter ones as well

  • Nice size to these (06 September 2010)

    With my MD some items are getting to small for my hands to work with these are not to big ,not to small . I love most of the items in the Breathless Collection .

  • Enjoy using this so I had to get the bigger 5 inch size (06 September 2010)

    Love working with this and my new 5" size the only trouble I have ever had with it, is remembering what color the package for the perment adhesive is : ) I have ended up getting the reposable refill a couple of times. But that is also a joy to work with. getting your placement of a item is not always easy for some folks. I have MD and with my hands doing what they want to do at times I do not always get the item just where I want it. Love the Xyron items

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    Think photo's of young childern camping will (06 September 2010)

    I am going to use this for some photo's I have of my Daughters first couple of camping trips, a photo of a
    Wide eyed Child exploring a Lot of New Things seems to fit this paper just right . also I am going to put a few photo's I found of "Me!!! " at 6th grade camp on one as well

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    Will work Nice as the Background (06 September 2010)

    This papaer will work nice fot the backgroung for my Calendar page for the month of July

  • Going to give this a try (05 September 2010)

    It is getting harder for me to find the calendar rub ons I liked,was using Karen Foster rub ons and at one time they used to have a 12x12 size rub on this was real nice just lay it on the calendar and start at one corner and rub. so I am going to try this . it woulf be nice to find a Blank Calendar Kit with all the goodies but where you can do the year your self.

  • In Loving Memory of my Mother (05 September 2010)

    With this great page Protector I was able to do a In Loving Memory of my Mother, Photo's of her and the other Nurse's she worked with I put them on the shutter parts and Her Nurses Registration (diploma) is on the main Page.

  • Always Liked this Idea wish I could find (02 September 2010)

    I have always liked the Curtain Idea, wish I could find some that is styled to where a 8x10 photo woud fit between the curtains

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    Foe Any Twilight Fan or True Blood Fan Or (02 September 2010)

    For any fans Of Twilight , True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the rest. I am going to Place the Autographed Photo Of James Marsters aka Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on this. James is a singer as well as a actor.

  • Martha Stewart Halloween (01 September 2010)

    Martha Stewart Crafts is ONE of the Best : ) when it comes to crafts items for My Favorite Holiday Halloween