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    Good assortment, wish I could get the 12mm alone (27 September 2010)

    Came in 3 different sizes. I wish I could just get the larger two sizes, but cheap enough that I'll buy more of these packs just for the ones I use.

    Standard thread size, works with the We R Memory Keepers - Classic Leather posts.

    Good threads. Not like cheap aluminum ones I've used that are hard to screw in.

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    Simple good posts, work well. (27 September 2010)

    Were compatible with the We R Memory Keepers - Classic Leather posts, same deal. They work well, are well made and not matte/cheap aluminum like some I've used.

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    Incredible price, surprisingly nice and impressive books (27 September 2010)

    I used a few linen post-bound books before this one, but I wanted to find a leather one. I found this and decided to try it out: it was essentially 2-for-1 in the two pack, and I wanted a black one anyway.

    The books themselves are immediately very impressive. They're very substantial, and the leather-like material used is very nice. The blue is a very dark blue; in low light, it's hard to tell which is which. Both are great colors.

    The binding cover is attached to the front/back, which is nice. The posts are standard, not a different thread size like some I've used.

    The page protectors are very nice - thick, slightly pearly.

    -The flaps that cover the screws on the inside are as thick as the covers - this makes it hard to close the book when it gets full. I had to leave these flaps open, screws exposed, or the book would not close.

    -The posts are set apart in a way that did not fit my 'universal' page protectors. I cut my own anyway so not a big deal, but it's annoying that every manufacturer seems to do this differently.

    Overall incredibly impressive and a lot more than I was hoping for. Will be buying a ton more of these leather-ish books. Highly recommended, even at the normal ~$20 price each.