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    Easy to use punches (09 October 2010)

    These slim profile punches are great. The lock closed for stackability in storage and they are so darn easy to use. You can see exactly where you're stamping so no need to waste paper. I love them. Wish ek Success had their whole series like this for storage if no other reason

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    Love it (09 October 2010)

    Love these slimline punches! They stack nicely, the punching is a breeze. I love that you can turn it upside down and see exactly where you're punching out of the paper. No more wasted paper! The swirl in the center of the flower occasionally gets caught up in the punch, but it's no big deal! Love them. Wish I could get all my stamps in this slimline design.

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    Disappointing set (29 September 2010)

    I ordered 3 sets because it is so hard to find rub ons for the inside of cards and these have a lot of quotes and phrases suitable for just that, BUT....first of all, in my opinion, there are far too many that relate to LOVE, and not near enough Birthday, etc. But my big complaint is that there are so many that either have writing so small you need a magnifying glass to read them or they have pale turquoise writing on an equally pale yellow background or a cantilope color background with writing only 2 shades darker (as an example) making them extremely difficult enough to read, then top that off with writing so small you need that magnifying glass!! I would say 25-30% are almost unuseable due to these issues. As I said, I bought three sets, but plan to try to return two of them. I'd return all three, but of course I had to open one. At $12.99 plus S&H, it's just WAY to much money. I wouldn't recommend buying them.