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    Awesome Trimmer! (20 December 2010)

    I really love working with this trimmer. It's easy to use with all the sizes printed on it. The increments are easy to read and I love that there is a wire guide right where the cut is going to be so I know exactly where I'm going to be cutting. I wish it came with a scoring slide as well so I could score my cardstock after cutting it. Wonderful product from Fiskars though!

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    Scotch Adhesive...Fun to work with. (15 December 2010)

    I really liked working with this adhesive with my new Scotch ATG Applicator Gun. You can definitely do a lot of cards, scrapbooking and projects with only one roll of tape. I Love it! No stopping to refill a small adhesive runner when I was making a bunch of cards one evening...and still had lots of adhesive left. Very smooth using the adhesive with the ATG Gun also. The only thing you have to remember is to get used to the trigger on the gun and not go so fast and pick up the gun before you let go of the trigger. Once I started using it, it was extremely easy to work with. I love using this adhesive and it has very good hold. Once you tape something on...plan on having it stay there. Thanks Scotch and Scrapbook.com! Desiree'

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    Scotch Adhesive Gun...Nice Product! (15 December 2010)

    When I received the gun, I wasn't quite sure if I would like it. I tried to follow the directions on how to put the adhesive in to it. I got a little confused so I went back to scrapbook.com to watch the video on how to put it in...the video was pretty clear and I had no problems. I used the tape gun all evening making cards and it was wonderful! If I would've been using a smaller tape runner, I would've run out of tape in no time. You can make a lot of cards and scrapbook with one adhesive roll. It is also very smooth when running it along the paper or your project. Very fun to work with! I'm glad I purchased it and it was also nice to see some of the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund.
    Thanks so much! Desiree'