ValerieKyzer's Reviews

  • Interesting idea (06 September 2012)

    I bought this on a whim at Hobby Lobby today. When I got home I decided to play with it. It's very user friendly and the designs you can create are fun and funky. This is going to be a very well used tool for me.

  • Great (13 January 2011)

    This is one of the my favorite tools. The Creatopia is so versatile and this cutting tool is so much fun.

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    Takes some getting used to (10 January 2011)

    These take some getting used to because they can be hard to pop in place but are really funn once you are using them,

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    Easy (05 January 2011)

    This attachment for the Creatopia is soooo easy to use. I love the look it adds to my pages.

  • My favorite new toy (05 January 2011)

    I love this product. I am slowly adding all the attachments and items that go with it. It makes my scrapbooking and craft projects so easy and takes up less space that tools that does everything individual.

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    Handy (31 December 2010)

    This little stamp machine is so handy. It makes stamping quick and easy.

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    Beautiful (31 December 2010)

    The design is so intricate and the stamp is easy to clean and store.

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    Love (31 December 2010)

    So many uses for these tags.

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    Beautiful (31 December 2010)

    These stickers are elegant

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    Too cute (31 December 2010)

    I love the design and colors

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    Colorful (31 December 2010)

    I love the colors in these cutouts. Just wish it was not double sided. Both sides are gorgeous.

  • Elegant (09 November 2010)

    I love this paper. I am using it in my heritage album that I am working on.

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    Reverse (07 November 2010)

    I bought this paper for the reverse side. The muted color is gorgeous

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    Lace (07 November 2010)

    Love this lace look

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    Great Color (07 November 2010)

    Love this color

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    Beautiful (07 November 2010)

    So many ideas for this paper

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    Fun (07 November 2010)

    This is such a cute design on this paper.

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    Elegant (07 November 2010)

    The script on this paper is elegant. It is great for so many different layouts.

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    Great Design (07 November 2010)

    The slight designs in this paper are wonderful.

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    Beautiful Color (07 November 2010)

    I love the color of this paper

  • Great Product (06 November 2010)

    This is a great product. I have the Xyron 250 and love both the repositionable and permanent adhesive for it. Use it all the time for smaller items that I want to stick.

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    Beautiful (06 November 2010)

    The colors in this paper are beautiful.

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    Excited (06 November 2010)

    I got this paper for a page about my mom. She was a huge owl lover. The colors are gorgeous.

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    Gorgeous (06 November 2010)

    This paper is absolutely gorgeous.

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    Happy (06 November 2010)

    These family rub ons make me happy. I love rub ons and these are no exception. The different font styles are great.

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    Great (06 November 2010)

    These are great. I love the different fonts

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    Love, love (06 November 2010)

    I love these journal cards. They are too cute and I have so many great ideas for them.

  • Great (19 October 2010)

    This sticker maker is one of my favorites. It applies adhesive to things that are hard to glue. Love this little machine.

  • Love this gun (19 October 2010)

    I have used this product for years. My first one was several years ago when I was framing. It is wonderful. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone.