Zanna1's Reviews

  • Sheets too flimsy (29 July 2012)

    The concept is good but the magnetic sheets are too flimsy. The sheets bow and won't hold the dies.

  • Scotch ATG Adhesive Applicator Gun (04 March 2012)

    I got the ATG Adhesive Applicator Gun because I got tired of getting adhesive refills. I have mixed feelings about it.
    Good: It is lasting a lot longer than my other adhesives.
    Good/Bad: it really sticks (accidentally got a piece of paper stuck on one of my cutters - now gotta figure out how to get the adhesive off).
    Bad: The adhesive has a smell to it. I checked the other ATGs at the store and they had the same odor (also checked another store - same thing). If anyone is sensitive to smells, they might want to think twice.

  • Love the sizes (16 December 2011)

    These are really nice sized dies. The largest is 5.5 inches. Big enough for a good size photo. Also has various other sizes. Only downside that I found so far is that they may be a little flimsy.

  • Great for journaling (19 September 2011)

    Love the torn edge look on these dies. The sizes are great for journaling or matting a small photo.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Holder (06 June 2011)

    Helps keep the daubers organized and in one spot.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cute little corner punch (19 May 2011)

    I found this corner punch very easy to use. It is a nice simple design that isn't too fussy. Just right to dress up the back flap on homemade envelopes.