Vicki Mom Of 5's Reviews

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    Monet print (12 May 2012)

    This paper is so pretty. It reminds me of Monet's paintings.

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    pretty paper (12 May 2012)

    Very pretty shade of purple.

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    very appropriate (12 May 2012)

    Lovely paper. Very appropritate for young girls.

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    waste (18 March 2012)

    I had high hopes for this product. I was greatly disappointed. I Does nothing but puts a layer of yellow paint. Not worth the money.

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    Clockwork (05 September 2011)

    This was perfect for what I needed. It has subtle coloring so it doesn't overwhelm the photos I want to use it with. I loved this page.

    Vicki Elam
    Clarksburg, WV

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    Margarita Merengue (05 September 2011)

    I loved this page. It is a nice weight, the colors are bright, crisp and clean.

  • Love It! (03 February 2011)

    These are beautiful pages that I can use for both my children and my hubby. Also I am a preschool teacher and love to use these for class projects.
    You can't go wrong with Bo Bunny!