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    Runner tape for cards & pages (20 September 2014)

    I would definitely recommend this product to all who run joy scrap booking or making their cards. Easy to use as well.

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    Glitter pen very useful (15 July 2014)

    I purchased 2more of these pens cause they are very useful in writing on my cards & pages.

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    Die cuts are fun and creative (17 March 2014)

    I was very excited when I received my die cuts because they make a big impact on my projects.

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    Triple shred fringe ergonomic scissor (20 December 2013)

    Love this new product I purchased. These scissors make it so much easier to create my cards and pages. I definitely recommend these to any crafters who loves to add something different to creation.

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    Black Dye Ink pad (09 July 2013)

    I am so happy with brand of dye ink pad...I saw a demo with the person using this type of ink and thought I should try it and I love it. I will probably purchase other colors in the near future, thank you!

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    Envelope Punch Board (20 June 2013)

    My reason for saying I wouldn't recommend this product because the measurements to make your cards were WRONG. I was very pleased when I did receive and anxious until I notice the numbers to use to make a card, they were very difficult to understand. It was until I spoke with one of the owners at the local scrapbook store about this product she told me that they were wrong and are being asked to return them until corrected. When they do have the correct measurements for me to make my envelope I will purchase this, thank you.

  • New product from We R Memory Keepers! (12 May 2013)

    I can't wait to get my first Doodle Stamper! This tool is so easy to use and fun...will probably purchase more after receiving this one and creating.

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    Products from Fancy Pants (11 April 2013)

    Fancy Pants is one of my favorite brands, so when I saw these chipboard banners I couldn't resist purchasing them for one of grandson's birthday card or even make him a banner.

  • 6 X 6 paper to use on cards (19 March 2013)

    I just purchased a package of the zince color/designs and can't wait to received them to add them to my cards that I make for any ocassions. I will probably purchase the other colors as well in the near future.

  • Basic Grey products are fun to use! (19 March 2013)

    I love using Basic Grey products because they are so vertisitle in just about anything you want to create. I would definitely recommend this brand over others one on the market.

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    Core'dinations bookmarks (02 March 2013)

    I have never purchased these bookmarks, but I have purchased Core'dinations paper which I really like to use for my pages and cards. The collection I bought was for the the holidays; xmas, halloween, easter, etc. they are very vertistile to use, also included with purchasing this paper collection was Tim Holtz sanding grips, these help create a unique look.

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    washi tape fun to use! (25 February 2013)

    I am so glad who ever created this product because it is sooo easy to use and vertisal on my projects. I have even used them (not these) during the holidays wrapping boxes. I will definitely continue purchasing them and for sure recommend them to my scrapbook friends!

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    double-sided paper (11 February 2013)

    i am always in the market for double-sided paper for my projects. this paper has great texture and color.

  • LINDY'S STAMP GANG - STARBUST SPRAY (15 December 2012)

    I was impreses with this product because first of all it look easy to use and secondly great way to create a unique project.

  • Meltical stain are great! (12 December 2012)

    Can't wait to receive my order of these Tim Holtz stain and start working on my projects, thanks Tim!

  • Reusable non stick craft sheet (03 December 2012)

    I love this product for my projects. Can't wait to receive it. Will definitelt recommend this product to friends.

  • Prima chalk kit (01 December 2012)

    Love this product for my projects, can do a lot of these chalks to give my project a unique look.

  • Colorful glitter to add to cards. (30 November 2012)

    What i just saw in this product let's me know that I have another choice to add something exciting to my cards. I do plan on purchasing some, thanks for sharing.

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    tim holtz paper (19 November 2012)

    this cardstock is different than any other cardstock i have purchased. using this cardstock is better used when you have a sanding block as well. the sanding block helps the uniqueness of the cardstock stand out much better, so i would definitely recommend this product.

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    tim holtz sanding block (19 November 2012)

    i knew that when i saw the demo with tim holtz presenting a new product and using this sanding block i had to purchase which i did. this product i would recommend to all crafters.

  • inkadinkado stamping collection (03 September 2012)

    this is one great product for all stampers. this kit has a little of everything you might use to create a page or card. can't wait to purchase one for my collections.

  • love the whole collection (08 August 2012)

    prima does it again! beautiful products for making your project. loved it all....

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    dazzlers/glittered sticker shapes (27 June 2012)

    these products are absolutely adorable.

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    cards or tags (27 June 2012)

    when i purchase these cards i didn't expect to see how useful they are in my baby girl/boy scrapbooks.

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    baby boy collections (27 June 2012)

    these pages/paper are being used the same way i am using the baby girl paper as a whole or pieces. great paper for my baby boy/girl scrapbook i am making right now.

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    baby girl paper (27 June 2012)

    another product that can be used as a whole page or used in pieces which i have done.

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    pretty baby girls paper (27 June 2012)

    when i received this baby girl paper not only did i think about using it as a whole page but i have used pieces of it for a variety pages.

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    love using decorative tapes. (27 June 2012)

    when i saw this i knew that i wanted to purchase it so i could use it on my cards and scrapbook pages. decorative tape add some creativity to my projects.

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    stamp to use for easter (27 June 2012)

    i saw this cute stamp and thought it would be perfect for making my easter cards for my grandchildren.

  • love everything i saw! (23 June 2012)

    wow can't wait to purchase these items for the baby scrapbooks i am making for my niece who lives in CA. i made her one in march because she was having a baby boy. she has her own business as a hairdresser and says her clients come in wanting to know if she knows who makes these types of scrapbook, so of course she mentioned me and wants me to make boys/girls scrapbooks so she can sell them for me.

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    baby boy collections (06 June 2012)

    i just saw the video on this product and really enjoyed what i can create when i receive them.

  • book to show new users with copic markers (30 March 2012)

    i would like to make a review of this product even though i haven't received it, but from i have read in cardmaker magazine colleen schaan (author) gives us instructions and ideas of to use the right colors in our creativity. look forward in receiving this item, yeah!

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    love this new product (12 February 2012)

    wow what a great tool to have when you need to cut ribbon. i have a variety of scissors but the only one that does the work right for me is holtz's scissors. looking forward to when this product is ready for us to purchase.

  • border punch system value kit (18 January 2012)

    american crafts has given us consumers another great product to use.

  • distressing tool (18 January 2012)

    wow, what a great tool to have that is very versatile. prima always comes up with great products, thank you.

  • Flowwers are beautiful on cards (05 December 2011)

    Wow, what a great buy plus beautiful embellisments to add to a card for any ocassion.

  • Love all the new products shown! (20 October 2011)

    I just saw all the new products shown on ths video which were absolutely awesome. The products shown were for any ocassion. Can't wait to place my order so that I too can create my cards or pages.

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    loved it very much (15 October 2011)

    i am so glad i purchased this product because it can be used for various ocassion. i have used it already 4 times since i received it, thank you. definitely a recommendation to others to enjoy using stamps as i do.

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    absolutely love it this item. (15 October 2011)

    when i saw on the website it thought it was absolutely, but when i received i loved it even more. i would definitely recommend this item, thank you.

  • CLASSIC PRODUCT (23 September 2011)


  • Cordless tool are great! (16 August 2011)

    Wow, what a neat tool to have and easy to take where ever you go to scrapbook. I like that you don't need an outlet to plug it in to use, cordless is the way to go!

  • What a great project! (28 July 2011)

    I just saw a demo using this product which was absolutely awesome for any ocassion. I am going to recommend this to my friends whom we are in a Sizzix group at our next meeting in August. They too will have the same reaction as myself.

  • Great leftover supplies (16 June 2011)

    I would recommend to anyone who enjoy cardmaking or pages to purchase items such as these ones because this package carries a variety of pieces for any creation.

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    Anna Griffin paper (12 March 2011)

    I love this paper not just using around Christmas but also it can be vertisle in another ocassion. Great texture and quality.

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    Double -sided paper are great! (12 March 2011)

    I enjoy purchasing double-sided paper because you have a choice which side your project will be created, plus some double-sided paper can useful when one side is solid and the other is pattern/printed.

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    tags for cards (12 March 2011)

    Another tag I bought that I can't wait to use when I scrapbook one of my grandson school picture, should have purchased more.

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    I love tags on projects! (12 March 2011)

    Very cute tag for a card or page to add your message, plus it is a good size that doesn't over bear your project, would definitley recommend this product.

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    School puffies (12 March 2011)

    They are so cute and probably should have purchased a few more since I have 5 grandsons who attend school. They puffies make a project look very unique and fun. Definitley will purchase more. Thank you. I also wanted to say this website is one of the BEST for me to shop for my supplies, and one other thing I enjoy about this website is that you have videos to show demo on some of your producst like I saw on "PUFFIES."

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    Puffies (12 March 2011)

    I did receive my Puffies for a card to make one of my grandson's birthday cards. I love them and will be ordering more in the near future. I was at my local scrapbook store yesterday and mentioned it to the owner if they have seen them and she said they had but haven't order them. I suggested that they did because they are absolutley adorable and fun to easy!

  • Epoxy products (11 March 2011)

    I love using Epoxy products because they add a unique look on pages or cards, plus Basic Grey is a well known company and take great pride in their products.

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    self-adhesive crystals/black (21 February 2011)

    i have to be honest about his item I wasn't very impressed in using on a card we made at my monthly sizzix club. when i was going to use the black self-adhesive crystals they didn't stick to the card. maybe the glue wasn't stronger enough so i used a glue pen I had and that still didn't seem to help, so my comment for this items isn't a very postitive. i am wondering if anyone else has had this kind of problems.

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    another different design for special ocassion (21 February 2011)

    this is another item I didn't receive with my previous other items. the represntativ will be shipping this to me in the next few days and I am looking forward in receiving and using for this years halloween cards of pages from my grandsons 2010 hallloween pictures.

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    Paper of differnt design and colors (21 February 2011)

    to be hones my comments for this item is that I hope when I receive it i won't be disappointed. but some reason it was ommitted from the other items purhcased the same time as this paper. I did speak with represnentative the other day and this item is being shipped to me asap.

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    Using self-adhesive pearls (21 February 2011)

    I love using self-adhesive pearls of any color on my pages and cards. They really add a special touch on my cards when i just need a little something else to make it completey. Definitely an item to recommend to all to love using something different on the created project.

  • Bright Flowers (10 February 2011)

    Wow what a great bargain in purchasing these bright flowers, plus the price is awesome and reasonable. I enjoy using flowers for any ocassion even if my card is for a male. This bag has a variety of colors can you can choose from when creating a project, definitely a purchase for myself and other fellow scrapbookers.

  • Ribbons of all kinds. (07 February 2011)

    I would definitley purchase this type of ribbon for my pages and cards. I believe ribbons add a unique look. This style of ribbons is unique in it self.

  • Who wouldn't want to purchase a tool for buttons. (06 February 2011)

    I am one crafter who loves adding buttons to my projects. I'm happy to see someone invented this tool for our use. Definitley a tool needed in my scrapbook room.

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    tags for cards (05 February 2011)

    when i shop for the holidays or any other ocassions, i always look for products fun and exciting. this tag will be great for this coming halloween cards for my grandsons. i love purchasing from we r memory keepers.

  • Wood pieces for a variety of creation. (05 February 2011)

    I would definitley recommend to any of my friends who enjoy the hobby of creating pages/cards as myself. I always look for different products to purchase and use on my cards espeically when making birthday cards for my 7 grandsons. Numbers are a huge item on my creativity. Hopefully in the near future there will be other colors besides red.

  • Eclips accessory tool kit all in a small carrier (05 February 2011)

    What I liked about this product is that the carrier for all these tools to use in a card/page are together and you don't have to look in different areas where you keep tools like I do. Absolutely wonderful to have something like this that might even fit in your purse. It is great when a srapbooker/cardmaking person has tools in a varieity pack so it is convenient for usage. Thank you Sizzix for creating another great prouduct!