Pinkpaperairedale's Reviews

  • Very versatile (22 June 2013)

    This punch is easy to use... don't have to use a lot of hand strength. Great if you have arthritis. Bird is perfect for pages, cards, or tags. Size is great. Fiskars punches are my favorite.

  • One of my favorites (22 June 2013)

    You can't go wrong with anything that Fiskars makes. I love this punch. Easy to punch, cut lines are clean. I layer several of these to make stunning waves.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great product and easy to use (24 March 2013)

    I used this to saturate a muslin fabric tag. Can't wait to try the other 5 colors I bought. This is so easy to use... especially if you have arthritis.

  • fun but needs practice (22 November 2012)

    I like this. I did practice on plain white copy paper. I had trouble remembering which cog I used . I put some colored dots on mine with permanent marker to help me. Images are crisp and clean. Makes beautiful designs. Just give yourself time to practice.

  • You need this if you stamp (04 November 2012)

    I love this product because you can reuse it over and over. I think it works really well and is easy to use. I would suggest getting at least 2 of them and cutting the sheets into sizes slightly smaller than the acrylic blocks you have.

  • Fun and easy (11 October 2012)

    Love this. I did practice on scrap paper first.

  • Pretty colors (15 September 2012)

    Very pretty shades and nice small stamp. Quality product but absolutely no directions on package. Wish the company would have explained how to use them without having to search for the information online. This company has great products overall so I am quite sure they will work well AFTER I find out how to use them.

  • I can't work it (15 March 2012)

    I have not been successful with this. I love all Fiskars products and I am sure it is "operator error". The product looks to be of good quality but I can't get the pressure right. I just tear or destroy my paper when I try it.

  • Excellent for arthritic hands (15 March 2012)

    I can always have success when my arthritis is severe. I love the fact that many Fiskars tools are actually approved by the Arthritis association. You won't be sorry if you get it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Ribbon organizer is out of this world (26 December 2011)

    I am in love with the Clip it up ribbon organizer. I realized after I received it last week that I should have ordered one from here years ago. It's a great way to utilize wall space that would otherwise go unused. You won't be sorry. Get one! Even though they are on backorder.. go ahead. You will be so glad you did.

  • makes beautiful cards (18 December 2011)

    This is a wonderful tool. Make sure you use a sturdy table when you punch... NOT a card table or wobbly table because you push hard. Easy to use. Very sharp... keep away from children. Get one!!!

  • Nice organizer (18 December 2011)

    This is a nice way to keep all materials in one place. Do wish the company would bundle the mat, case and device into one package instead of ordering every single item separately. A little pricey but still love it. Ordered from here and had quick delivery.

  • Sew ribbon (18 December 2011)

    The concept is wonderful. It makes a beautiful presentation with the ribbon threaded through. I do struggle a bit when my arthritis is acting up but still love it. Make sure you are working at a heavy table... not a card table. I use my kitchen table and I put a cutting board underneath. I bought 4 designs and love them all.

  • Fantastic and fun (06 July 2011)

    The layering on the little critters on this is the cutest thing ever.This design card can take your small pieces of cardstock and layer them into the sweetest embellishments.

  • Anna's tote (22 May 2011)

    I have one of Anna's totes... just in a different color. Very nice and sturdy. Have used it as "luggage" for an overnight stay, a teacher bag for carrying papers home to grade, and as a scrapping tote. I love mine. I purchased mine elsewhere and did not pay this much for mine. VERY high quality.

  • It's the one! (21 May 2011)

    After attending a workshop and learning to emboss, I decided I needed a heat tool. I researched several brands and then bought this one. I am so glad I did.

  • Lots of fun (15 May 2011)

    I make cards for a dog rescue fundraiser. This has terrific images of many types of animals along with the perfect words and additional images such as a dog house and dog tag. If you have pets you would love this cart. It would also be great for adding to family pages or kids pages...or cards.

  • Wonderful assortment (17 April 2011)

    It's great to get ideas from the internet and this site... but I still love the cozy feeling of an early evening, a cup of tea, and a good book. This is organized in such a way that it makes it easy to find an idea. Cards could easily be made for a different event than the one shown. I am so glad I bought this. Great to take somewhere if you think you might have a wait... Dr. office, airport layover, etc. This is the first time I ever bought a book in this category... usually depend on my magazine subscriptions for inspiration. I am SO SO SO glad I picked it up. No way I will lose my paper mojo now that I own this. Thanks Papercrafts. Cards will be easy for even a beginner to do.

  • Pretty colors (20 February 2011)

    This product is so nice. I love how easy it is to use with the piercing heads. Good weight.

  • wonderful for all purpose (20 February 2011)

    This is a terrific cart. It has many good shapes and flower designs. If I were to only take one cart. with me to my craft table, this would probably be it. But carts. are like dog kisses, one is never enough.

  • It's a must have (14 February 2011)

    When I ordered my sew easy, it came as a set. The set included the mat. I can't imagine using the piercer without it. If you are thinking of getting the piercer, you should definitely buy the mat, too. I can't wait to get my hands on the plastic box that just came out that holds everything all together.

  • Perfect for general use (01 February 2011)

    This is one of the first carts. I got when I bought my Slice. Had something I could use for every card I make. It was demonstrated at a big box store and I was enthralled. If you are looking for a cart. that can be your "go to" one, give this a try. I like the fonts. They are easy to peel off the mat.

  • One inch a must have (01 February 2011)

    To me, this is a must have. I can do so many things with a circle punch. I can use it for a monogram on a card, embellish it into a flower, or even hide a corner I have layered and made a small mistake on.
    When I have small scraps of cardstock leftover, I punch this size circle right away and keep them all in a little plastic tray. I always have a stockpile of them. Fiskars is a name I can trust.

  • Love the Slice (30 January 2011)

    I love using my slice. I did purchase the magnetic frame/cutting board, too. This makes it even easier to use. The cartridges are so tiny and easy to store. This is a nice size to carry to events or parties. I have not tried the drawing tips yet and not sure if I will. Do go ahead and get at least one cartridge that has the speed boost. This is a real PLUS to my cardmaking hobby.

  • Sew easy piercing tool (30 January 2011)

    This gadget is fun and easy to use. The heads must be very popular as they are almost always on back order. This makes beautiful cards even more lovely. I am glad I got the mat that goes with this. I don't want to stitch on paper using my sewing machine so this is the perfect alternative. Plus it's easy to take to card making events. I would never cart my sewing machine somewhere.

  • Sew easy piercer head (30 January 2011)

    I love these. Wish they weren't always out of stock. Isee they have a new case coming out at CHA that will hold the mat, gadget, threads, heads. Can hardly wait. This works great.