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  • $90 for ribbon is ridiculous! (17 February 2011)

    Yes, the ribbon is pretty, but $90 is absolutely ridiculous!

  • So inspiring!!! (10 February 2011)

    I LOVE this book!! I ordered it and it just arrived today and I immediately ripped the envelope open and started looking through it. I haven't really done an in-depth reading of it yet, but from what I have seen, it's definitely going to be a huge help for me. I love that the book is bound in a way to lay flat. I also love that it has a lined, blank page at the end of the book to write your own notes as well. I really love this book and highly recommend it!

  • Verified Buyer

    This thing really saved my butt! (06 February 2011)

    I love this sheet!!! It really saved my butt when I spilled some alcohol ink on the table. Thankfully, it spilled on the craft sheet. It's very slick so you are able to use the ink blender the way Tim Holtz does (ie., bringing the ink onto the paper from the sheet). The slickness is great, but I wish that just one side was slick and not both sides because it tends to slide around on the table as you work. Aside from that, I really love it!