Sjwatson44's Reviews

  • Disappointing Execution (03 October 2014)

    Be warned this die is very time-consuming to use. It is extremely detailed and you will need a poke stick to push out all the tiny bits w/o (one hopes) ripping the paper. I used Holtz paper strips that supposedly are designed to work with these Decorative Strips--both the Kraft core and Color core. Run through a Big Shot, the die does not make very sharp impressions in either type of paper--hence the need for a poke stick and at least 10 minutes per strip to prep it for use (MUCH longer if you've nothing to poke the bits with). Further, if you have it, I would recommend using the wide and long platform for this strip (vs. the narrow long platform). If all you have is the narrow platform sized for Decorative strips, hold on tight to the acrylic sandwich plates as you put it through the Big Shot--they want to slide and if the paper slides, you wind up with a crooked gate strip as well as one with ill defined impressions. Nice idea, looks great on the advert, disappointing in practice.

  • Verified Buyer

    Unusual Lovely Color--May Not Be Your Idea of Cream (26 September 2013)

    The color is not off-white, but an almost aged metallic-gold cream, so might look odd on pure white paper. The glitter is not just one shade; there are darker and lighter flecks. (The color would look nice blended with other glitters in the line.) The glitter feels very fine to the fingertip--less chunky than I was expecting. Should be very nice for vintage looks. Do be aware that this is a small jar, so a bit "spend-y."

  • Verified Buyer

    Lots of Detail, Definitely Different (16 August 2012)

    This set of twelve red-rubber cling stamps surpassed my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised to find these 12 stamps are already die-cut (I was all ready to trim). The images are very detailed and test stamps with Distress Inks came out nicely.

    Each image is just about the size of the ink portion of a Distress Ink pad (too lazy to measure). Plenty of space for coloring in with pen or whatever your druthers.

    At first I thought these were a little pricey then I did the math, including delivery, and for me, it worked out to about $2.50 per image, not bad at all for quality rubber and these are already cushioned, cut and indexed.

  • Cuts Instead of Scores on Many Weights of Paper (17 February 2011)

    I was excited to receive this die but have been disappointed with its usability. To wit: the die cuts/perforates instead of just scoring. That means when I start folding, and especially when it's time to manipulate the circle into the rosette, bits start to separate, just like postage stamps (the old ones, anyway!).

    The problem is not quite so pronounced on cardstock, but I'd planned to make rosettes from my stash of various printed mid-weight paper.

    Sizzix customer service and a number of designers working for/with Tim Holtz say to just use Holtz's tissue tape or clear tape on one side of the rosette to ensure the little segments hold together. I don't always want to cover the print with another design element, though.

    I have tried using two layers of paper--one slightly heavy, the other the one I really want to bend, and that helps a little, so long as I am precise in lining up the paper strips. This being a sizzlit die, it can't handle too many layers.

    I supposed this is all still easier than scoring every 1/8 of inch by hand...though it is not as easy as advertised and I would hesitate to recommend it.