JanieAG's Reviews

  • Stunning (05 June 2011)

    Everything about this set is gorgeous! One of the best items I've purchased from this site!

  • Verified Buyer

    Really cute (03 June 2011)

    I thought the one was black or at least a darkish gray. It's more of a blue. So it really didn't match what I bought it for but still they're gorgeous and nicely constructed so I'll be able to use it with other projects.

  • Verified Buyer

    Color is off (03 June 2011)

    While the birds are simply beautiful in design, the color isn't anywhere close to as brilliant as the picture shows. The colors are faded which truly disappointed me as I bought them to match another item for a project thinking they were jet black. That was the only true whine I had about it.

    Most of mine are pointed left, with only a few pointed right. One of my birds was missing it's rhinestone eye. Overall not a big deal, I'd still recommend them for projects. They really are gorgeous.