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  • Midnight Masquerade Paper (06 August 2017)

    I love Graphic 45 papers, but I have loved them from afar, this is my first purchase of them. I have watched many youtube videos of home made albums using these papers, but I was really just looking for some brightly colored printed papers for a scrapbook album, and these were in the colors I wanted to use for that project. It's hard to find small to medium prints on 12 x 12 papers, usually the prints are much larger than I want to use. This pad had a lot of smaller patterns, in the bold colors I was after. I prefer the more realistic people in some of the Graphic 45 papers, these are a little cartoony, but I will probably use the reverse diamond side anyway, so that didn't matter to me. If you want high quality paper and quality design, you would have to look pretty hard to find some better than the Graphic 45 line of papers! This will NOT be my last purchase!

  • Mother Earth (06 August 2017)

    I love Graphics 45 papers, and I wish I had seen this collection when you could still buy the complete paper's just that beautiful! I decided to get this one and the Nature Sketchbook paper, because I knew I could cut them apart and use them on many different projects, easily. The Graphics 45 papers are high quality, vibrantly colored papers, in that they aren't flimsy like some of the cheeper papers out there, they are almost the thickness of card stock. The colors are bright, in this collection. The nature designs are so crisp you would swear they could fly off the page! I've come up with so many projects I would like to use them on that I wish I had bought more!

  • Nature Paper (06 August 2017)

    I love the Graphics 45 papers, but I don't often buy them, so when the sale was on I had to get some. This is one of the papers I chose. They are high quality papers with vibrant images. I chose this one because I thought it would be a good one to cut apart and use on a lot of different projects, I was quite pleased with my choice, and now that I have it I wish I had ordered more of this paper, because I keep coming up with more ideas of where & how I would like to use it. It would be great for cards, scrapbooking layouts, decoupage projects, mixed media, etc... anywhere that you would use a little bit of nature in your design!

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    Burst attachment to the Sew Easy Stitch Piercer (04 December 2016)

    This is one of my favorite attachments for the Stitch Piercer. It is a little more versatile than a lot of them (you can make more patterns with the burst head), what I like best is that you get a consistent stitch, that isn't often the case when hand stitching. This could be done on a sewing machine, but sewing on paper is hard on your sewing machine, so I prefer to use the stitch piercer when I use stitching on my projects.

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    Fuse Tips for the Fuseable tool (04 December 2016)

    I love my fuse tool and wanted some of the other decorative tips to use with it. The tool is great and the new tips are a welcome addition to my supply.

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    We R Memory Keepers Heatwave Tool (04 December 2016)

    I love and hate the heatwave tool. It is lightweight and fits well in my hand, there are no cords, which has been a blessing in some ways but a problem in others.

    There is no cord to get in the way when you are using the tool, but it will only last as long as your batteries, and if you use it for too long at one time, then you run the risk of burning the tool out, which I did. I contacted the company, sent them a photo and an email explaining what happened and they sent me a new tool. I don't know if I they would send another tool should I inadvertently burn this one out, so I have been careful not to keep it turned on for too long. If you are concerned about it turning on accidentally, don't; the design is such that it cannot be activated with the cap on, so if you store it with the cap, then no worries.

    It works similarly to a soldering iron, you load the batteries, turn it on, wait a few minutes, then place the foil over your project and draw what you want. The heat works to add foil accents to your work. I think it is best used to write a title, or highlight a particular accent, such as a star. I was foiling a drawing of a theatrical garment, when mine died.

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    Fuse Tool (07 June 2016)

    I really like it! It fuses the page protectors that I use really well and I've tried it on two or three different brands. I've watched several videos and the cutting tool has never been used except in one video and I don't think it was used didn't follow the instructions that came with the tool. I honestly have never used the cutting tool. I, like the people in the videos, just use my paper cutter to cut the page protectors to the size I want, and I agree the ruler is a little more difficult to use because you can't see through the metal, but if you line the project up with the lines on you self-healing cutting mat, like I do, you can see and use the lines on the mat to line up the ruler. I like to use the slit in the ruler as a guide to keep my hand from slipping and messing up the project I am working on, in the videos they used the outside of the ruler or a longer metal ruler. The stand works adequately, but you may want to get or make a heavier one to keep it from moving...remember you are working with heat...and it does get hot! I have been waiting for a tool like this before I even started scrapbooking! I think it is an essential tool for your box.

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    Teresa Collins Brads (19 December 2015)

    Who doesn't love Teresa Collins' designs? The woman is golden! I like just about everything she designs, paper, brads, etc... These are beautiful, all the brads are in either a green that mimics antique gold, red, white, beige, with a little grey thrown in, all are edged in silver. The would work perfectly on a craft background, some are specifically Christmas themed but many would work outside of Christmas or winter themed projects. You can use them on scrapbook pages, cards, tags, or anywhere else you use brads! Happy Crafting!

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    Sponge Dauber Storage Box (22 November 2015)

    This is a nice place to store your ink daubers. It is designed so that you can organize them to use until the foam wears out on your daubers. I saw the box on Pinterest and people were sticking a sheet of paper to the lid with the exact name of the ink used with that dauber so you didn't/don't run the risk of getting an unwanted color on your project and with the case you can save money because everything is organized and it keeps the daubers fresh for a longer period of time. I especially like the slide locking mechanism which keeps the daubers from falling out unexpectedly.

    Even though I was impressed with the locking mechanism, I am concerned about the hinge; this type of hinge with the type of hard plastic that the box is made of, doesn't tend to last extremely long for me, especially if the box falls to the floor a few times, which may happen by accident; but in that event a large rubber band will work to secure the lid...IF necessary.

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    Sea beauty embossing folder (02 April 2015)

    This is a really nice set! I love the design it can be used just as advertised as a backdrop to beach, sea pages, but it can go well beyond that. The design is such that it is more textural - giving you a nice backdrop for all kinds of projects - in other words it doesn't scream sea shell or coral, to me it reads as interesting texture, making it a much more desirable tool for my toolbox.

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    Pinecones (02 April 2015)

    This is a really nice template, I like the variety and and overall size of the images represented. This is a template that I will use again and again. It is great for fall/winter and camping pages. It works well with the spritzing inks, markers, and some paints. Some of the lines are very fine, making it a little more difficult to apply color to them. I like the sturdiness of the template, it will last for a very long time, unlike similar products from some of their competitors. I would like to see this template in an even smaller size as well, possibly in a stamping format.

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    Wink of Stella - Christmas glam (02 April 2015)

    This is the third set of Wink of Stella products that I now own - I love them! They combine the ease of a marker with the versatility of a brush. They add just a touch of glitter and glam to your projects without the mess or heaviness of actual glitter. The water brush - die - glitter combination of this product is pure genius! I know that you will fall instantly in love with this product!

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    Wink of Stella - Christmas edition (02 April 2015)

    I really love the Wink of Stella product, so much so that this is the second of three sets that I now own! They are easy to use and add just a touch of sparkle to your projects, so they add that touch of glitz without screaming glitter. What makes it so wonderfully easy to use is that it combines the easy of a marker with the versatility of a brush - it is essentially a water brush with glitter. The only reason I gave this 3 stars was because you have to match the red and green wink of stella brush to the reds and greens of the project you are working on - there is a die or color that may not be compatible with all reds or greens, but in that case you can still use the clear/iridescent wink of stella for those applications.

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    Showy Acrylic & Chipboard album (21 December 2014)

    Wonderful, I'm using it in conjunction with the Christmas Acrylic & Chipboard album in my December Daily album. You can use it as it's own album, or in a 3-ring binder as I intend to. It's great for practicing all those techniques you've been saving up, photo transfer, inking, staining, etching, etc... and I like the variety of the shapes.

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    Christmas Acrylic & Chipboard album (21 December 2014)

    Love it! It was just what I wanted for my December Daily album, and it arrived quickly, so I could start working right away. It is 6" x 12" in size and can be used as an album by itself or in a 3 ring binder, as I plan to use it. You can practice all those lovely techniques that you've been saving up to use, cover it, stain it, etch it, whatever.

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    Twilight Dark card stock (29 June 2014)

    Another beautiful blue by Bazzill! You can't beat the quality of their products. The colors are phenomenal and the quality is just as good. I wish I had all their colors!

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    Stormy dark card stock (29 June 2014)

    Who doesn't like brazil basics card stock? I was looking for a deep blue with a hint of turquoise, while this isn't quite the color I was looking for, it is still a deep dark blue, and I don't need to tell you how hard it is to find the clear, deep, dark colors!

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    Photo crops (29 June 2014)

    I bought these for a sketches class that I was taking online. I had previously made some similar for myself, but the markings kept coming off & I kept losing them. These are great you can lay them over your photos & see exactly what your cropped image will look like BEFORE you cut, they take little space in your scrapbooking supplies, plus the markings won't keep rubbing off, and they hook together so you don't lose them! If you work with sketches or you are new to scrapbooking and would like an aid to cropping, then you have to have a set!

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    Thumb punch (29 June 2014)

    I hesitated buying this punch because it seamed to be something I could do myself with a circle punch and a pair of scissors, but after trying that method with less than precise results each and every time, I decided it was worth the money. It saves time, headache, and it really is handy.

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    Beach paper (29 June 2014)

    I liked the foam & sand combination of this paper, there is pattern but it isn't overwhelming.

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    underwater paper (29 June 2014)

    I like both sides of this very versatile paper. It is great for beach, pool party, vacation sky layouts.

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    Water paper (29 June 2014)

    I love the colors of the this paper, it is perfect for summer!

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    Doodling Templates Branches Background (29 May 2012)

    Although this template is not the one I thought I was buying, I would still recommend it. I had intended to buy the reverse of this doodling image, which is also sold here, but I am glad I got this one instead. It is the one with the trees being the solid part of the template which really gives you more versatility than the other or reversed image. You can use a spray/misting ink or a sponge type application with ink or paint, which means you can vary the background image to give a straight solid background or a glow type effect with the branches being the negative is really stunning! Try adding more than one color and vary the are going to love playing with this one!

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    Doodling Templates Mini Rustic Paint Background (29 May 2012)

    It gives a subtle aged look to an otherwise plain background, it works best with the misting inks or sprays. I love the aged or textured look on a page, it is more subtle than a bold print; and for a busy photo it is an ideal way to add an embellishment and still let the photo be the star. I usually use a slightly deeper shade of ink to a lighter paper background for a tone on tone look.

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    Travel stamps-Prima Almanac collection mix 2 (29 May 2012)

    It's a beautiful and intricate design. It is small enough to act as an accent to a page without overpowering the overall design. I recommend that you test on piece of scrap paper to make sure that you don't over ink, but otherwise it's great.

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    C-Line/Memory Book Organizer Pages (22 May 2011)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been looking for these for some time now.

    They are great for organizing those large sticker sheets and thicker borders, which is what I use them for; and they are nice and thick, which keeps things from getting all messed up.

    I don't know why most scrapbooking stores have stopped carrying them? They are a necessity if you organize you sticker sheets and chipboard embellishments.

    Thanks again!