Fluffysunflower's Reviews

  • Le Romantique Paper (10 August 2011)

    Absolutely lovely. I cut out the main picture, and used some of the little stamps on the sides. Saved the rest of them for another project. On the main picture, I cut it along the ragged edges, and roughed it up a bit, put it on top of a greyish blue paper. Very pretty!

  • Enchanted Paper (10 August 2011)

    Too cute!

  • Once Upon a Sprintime Paper (10 August 2011)

    Just beautiful. Used it for a picture of my granddaughter and it framed it nicely.

  • Dark Opera Paper (10 August 2011)

    Lovely, mysterious. Love it!

  • Iron Gate (10 August 2011)

    Lovely, adds a wonderful, mysterious dimension to any project. A little bit hard to unpeel and keep intact, but otherwise, love it!