Pj2you's Reviews

  • Bargain !!!! (14 May 2011)

    Lovely, detailed , nicely colored, well cut moose for only 31 cents! What a deal!

  • E-Cuts are fun. (14 May 2011)

    The images are lovely and printed up nicely. These were my first E-Cuts, so I haven't figured out how to print single parts. Those crows look so darn cute. I already printed these for a friend.

  • GREAT value! (14 May 2011)

    The colors really sparkle, the cut edges are precise and well done. Great size for a low price.

  • Classy neutral (14 May 2011)

    These papers look great, but give maximum amount of room to fit photos on one page. I plan on different color strips across the top and bottom.