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  • Don't Get It (05 January 2018)

    I've been writing technical manuals for nearly 40 years and this is, without a doubt, the worst description of how to use a die set that I've ever seen. The measurements don't work, so if, for some reason, you have to have this die set, don't bother reading the directions...just figure it out for yourself.

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    One of Spellbinders' Best (11 November 2015)

    Gorgeous die. I mean REALLY gorgeous. Because of its large size, it can be used as a backdrop for a pretty oval die.

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    Pretty! (16 February 2013)

    Not one of my favorite Punch Around the Page sets, but very different and attractive.

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    Love it! (16 February 2013)

    Always looking for large, unusual flowers for a card center and this one is LARGE. Personally, there are other poinsettia dies I like better, but I can get away with using this for something more generic than a Christmas flower.

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    Beautiful flowers (16 February 2013)

    I usually make my own flowers, but I love using copper paper and occasionally, these are just what I need. They're getting hard to find and I was overjoyed to locate them at scrapbook.com...one of my favorite places to shop.

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    Don't buy this stuff (16 February 2013)

    I saw this product used in a video and it seemed like a great idea for gluing down intricate die cuts. Just smear it on the back and no one will ever know you used glue when it dries!!! Not true. It left a colossal mess. It was a complete waste of money and if there was a rating lower than one star, this glue would deserve it.

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    Disappointing (26 December 2012)

    I work for a laser alignment company and for years I've thought how nice it would be to have some kind of inexpensive crafting laser to do alignments for scrapbooks, cards and other projects. So I was pretty excited when I saw the KellyCraft Get-It-Straight Laser Square. In theory, it's a great idea, however I was pretty disappointed when I saw the actual product. I'm sure glad I didn't pay the full retail price for it, but it's NOT worth what I did pay for it because it's just going to sit on a shelf unused. The labels were all peeling off (of course you can pay $20 to get decorative "skins" to cover the peeling labels) and the structure was flimsy. It needs a base so the paper doesn't slide underneath and I found the laser line to be "off" by 1/8". Maybe it's like buying a car the first year and it will improve with subsequent versions, but as the product is now, it's NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

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    Great pattern...at least one of them (03 December 2012)

    I hate having to buy sets of two embossing folders because there's usually only one I want. I'll never use the one with the trees because it's too specific to winter or Christmas, but the slanting "snow" is beautiful!

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    Mini Daisy Punch Around the Page (03 October 2012)

    This pattern isn't particularly pretty when punched, however it matches the design used in a lot of cutting dies, which makes it useful. Not a "must have" ...there are prettier punches in the Martha Stewart collection.

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    Flourish Lace Punch Around the Page (03 October 2012)

    Beautiful design and a nice addition to any collection of these punches. It has a more "formal" look...less lacey and frilly, making it appropriate for masculine cards.