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    Vintage Photo... really (01 July 2012)

    It offers a nice look when applied to the edge of any paper... have fun with it!! I recommend it for those who don't know which Distress Ink to use first. It's THIS ONE!!

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    OOOH!!! (24 August 2011)

    I love it!!!! it may not be as puffy as you'd expect it to be... but you can always add another layer.... hehe the colors are a bit weird if you use it on a light paper so use it for dark paper... :)

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    WOW who knew???? (20 August 2011)

    Wow... I bought a single one and thought I could draw with it... (NEVER used it 4 drawing then i became hooked with scrappin' and i use it!!! Its so great for journaling and i love it! :)