LeeBrown's Reviews

  • Lots of uses (02 October 2011)

    This is a great paper. The colours are pretty but not too bright, so it'll make a great background. It has a vintage feel, but not so Victorian as a lot of vintagey prints. It reminds me of items you might find stuck in the back of a great old office desk.

  • Great for steampunk (02 October 2011)

    Even though the printing on the black side relates mostly to household items, the look of being a negative of some kind of technical plan makes it great for steampunk jewelry.

  • Too beautiful to ignore (02 October 2011)

    I don't really know what I'm going to use this paper for, but it was so beautiful that I had to have it.

  • More than meets the eye (02 October 2011)

    I bought this paper to use as a background for photographing jewelry. I was pleasantly surprised to find this paper is a lot livelier than the pictures make it appear. The tonal patterns stand out just enough, and the colours are rich and lovely.

  • Great specs (02 October 2011)

    I bought this paper for the side with the spectacles. The aqua and ochre plaid on the other side is, shall we say, an acquired taste.

  • Sophisticated Red (02 October 2011)

    The colour of this paper is absolutely gorgeous. The red side of the paper looks rather like fabric, which would be very cool on the cover of a photo album.

  • Gorgeous colours! (02 October 2011)

    I love this paper! I wish I could find sheets in this pattern and these colours. I plan to use the unpatterned side as a background for photographing jewelry. I just hope it isn't so pretty that my jewelry ends up looking bad by comparison!

  • Sweet but not sickly (02 October 2011)

    I love Bo Bunny papers, and the Sophie collection in particular. The Sophie collection is girly without being childish, and the colour palette manages to be both playful and sophisticated. I love the "artsy" tone of this particular paper, with the watermarks on the lined buff background.

  • Great palette of colours (02 October 2011)

    I love Bo Bunny papers. I particularly love the ones with a clear, bright palette, like this one. It is fresh, whimsical, and a delight to the eye.

  • Love Crazy Love (02 October 2011)

    I love Bo Bunny papers, and this one is particularly delightful. It is sweet and whimsical without being saccharine, and the colour combination is superb.

  • Beautiful watery floral (02 October 2011)

    I love Bo Bunny papers! This one is a gorgeous collection of colours. I plan to use it as a background for photographing jewelry.

  • Go, Bo Bunny, Go! (02 October 2011)

    I recently ordered this paper along with a bunch of other Bo Bunny papers. They were all delightful! This one I want to use as a background for photographing my handmade jewelry, and the fact that it is a low-contrast neutral makes it particularly useful.

  • Pretty great, a little dark (17 September 2011)

    The typewriter stamp was terrific--a great mix of light and dark. The telephone was overly dark and it was difficult to get the details of the dial to show up. I haven't tried the other two yet, but based on my other experiences with Hero Arts stamps, I'm expecting excellent results.

  • Excellent stamp (17 September 2011)

    This small chandelier stamp proved just the right size for my jewelry project, and printed a nice clear image with all the details.

  • Pretty good product, but ignore the instructions (16 September 2011)

    This shrink plastic comes in sheets which are thicker than most shrink plastic, and I found my HP printer tended to eject it without printing on it. I believe I finally selected "other premium photo papers" in order to trick the printer into accepting it. The product's instructions say to reduce the color intensity to just above minimum, but I found it required at least 50% intensity to make the images visible enough to cut around. Also, the instructions say to set the oven to between 300 and 350 degrees. DON'T! Even at 300 degrees, the plastic ended up yellowing. Keep it to 275 degrees and wait the extra time, especially if baking fairly large images that take a longer time to shrink. With these changes and some experimentation, I found this product quite good -- crisp images with minimal distortion.