Gail Newvale's Reviews

  • great for inking dry-embossed paper! (29 January 2012)

    This is the only way I can ink over dry-embossed paper. I take a little piece of this foam & using the hard, black side, dab it on my ink pad and then run it lightly over the paper. The ink goes on the raised pattern. I can't seem to get good results with anything else. Because the black side is so firm, the sponge hits only the raised areas. Anything softer would get ink onto the lower surfaces.

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    sweet (29 January 2012)

    love this whole collection--wish BasicGrey & other companies would bring back some of their older collections.

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    flat finish (29 January 2012)

    bit larger than I expected and they have a flat cardstock finish. no gloss, no metallic accents. still nice, though.

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    not really very large (29 January 2012)

    this product is impossible to find where I live. so useful for photos you might want to change out later. brads not included.

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    glossy finish (29 January 2012)

    very thick paper, with glossy finish. lovely color.

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    could be stronger (18 September 2011)

    a little flimsy...